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Palace of Justice



LED Videowall

LED Videowall is commonly used in banquet halls, meeting rooms, shopping malls, sales galleries, building lobbies, hotel ballrooms and conference halls.

We have installed an LED Videowall at Palace of Justice, Putrajaya. The videowall will be used for any indoor event that is held at the banquet hall.

Our LED Videowall Display is a great option to display your messages and information during any event. The narrow bezel design can display images without any distortion or visible edge-cutting effect. 


About Palace of Justice

Palace of Justice houses the courts and the judicial department. The complex has two buildings – a 5-storey building for the judicial department and a 2-storey building for courts and offices.

The complex houses courts and offices for:

  • Prosecutors
  • Lawyers
  • Chief Registrar of Federal Courts
  • Registrar of Federal Courts
  • Registrar of High Courts
  • Registrar
  • Courtrooms
  • Court of Appeal
  • Court Records
  • Judges’ Chambers
  • Ante Room
  • Auditorium
  • Banquet Hall
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