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Pet World Nutritions Sdn Bhd


Shah Alam, Selangor

About Smartboard

Interactive smartboard is also known as interactive flat panel or interactive whiteboard. The selling point of a smartboard is its ability to provide interactive experiences to both users and their audience. 

Smartboard is widely used in all kinds of meeting or conference rooms. Interactive experience is very important in engaging the meeting participants. In fact, it helps to turn passive participants into active participants. Meeting participants can always express their ideas freely by sketching or drawing directly on the screen.

About Pet World Nutritions

Established in 2006, Pet World Nutritions Sdn Bhd is now one of the largest pet food suppliers in Malaysia. The company has a very clear objective. It wants to become the top pet care specialist in the industry. 

The company believes that all pets and animals should be treated humanely. It also understands the importance of creating closer bonds between pet owners and their pets.

For years, the company has been working hard to create and improve their formulations. The quality of the ingredients is always the top priority. 

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