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PLANMalaysia Headquarter


Jabatan Perancangan Bandar Dan Desa, Putrajaya


VEXO Touch-screen Digital Standee 49″

About Touch Digital Standee

VEXO Touch Digital Standee is a standee that is equipped with the touch-screen feature. Users can interact with the application by finger-clicking on the screen.

Our team delivered a VEXO Touch Digital Standee 49″ to PLANMalaysia Headquarter at Kompleks F, Putrajaya. The standee can be used to display various digital content that can engage audiences effectively.

About PLANMalaysia

PLANMalaysia is established to ensure the ideal use, conservation and development of lands. The department plays an important role through its functions at three different levels – local, state and federal.

The department aims to become the leader of Town and Country Planning in Malaysia. Objectives of PLANMalaysia include

1. to implement planning policies and regulations
2. to ensure top quality town planning services
3. to plan and control land development and conservation based on the Town and Country Planning Act (Act172)
4. to uplift the quality of life in both urban and rural areas

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