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The Rosewoodz @ Bukit Jalil Sales Gallery

Kuala Lumpur


About Ceiling LED Screen

Most people think visually, and thus visual content is great at capturing attention. 

Businesses have been using indoor LED screens to reach their customers since years ago. Indoor LED screen is an effective display. However, in order to create a more stunning viewing experience, ceiling LED screen is your best friend.

The biggest advantage of a ceiling LED screen is its ability to capture attention. An extraordinary viewing experience with rich colour content helps to turn a sales gallery into a world of fantasy. 

When you are able to grab potential customers’ attention with the ceiling LED display, you are likely to get more sales!

About Rosewoodz @ Bukit Jalil

The Rosewoodz @ Bukit Jalil is the newly launched project by the EXSIM Group. It is a freehold condominium with nearby amenities such as LRT Station, rooftop facility and Pavilion Bukit Jalil.

The group chooses to imbue the spirit of the rosewood into the project. The project carries a symbol of majesty, glory and strength of nature. It provides an urban living experience combining with nature and leisure spaces.

EXSIM Group is a well known property developer with an emphasis on New Age Ingenuity and environmental awareness. Their portfolio ranges from residential to industrial projects.

The Rosewoodz @ Bukit Jalil Sales Gallery is located at Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur. 

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