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Shu DaXia HotPot Genting


Resort Hotel, Pahang


Led Screen Control System Replacement Service

About The Project

It is always sad to discover that your LED display is out of function due to some faulty components. Shu DaXia HotPot at Genting Resort Hotel was unable to switch on their LED display due to an issue with the control system.

Our team was appointed to look into the matter and provide a solution. We replaced the LED screen control system and conducted some tests to ensure proper functionality. Once the issue is solved, the beautiful LED display can now continue to display exciting digital content and welcomes craving customers everyday.

About Shu DaXia HotPot

Shu DaXia HotPot is a restaurant that is originated from Chengdu in China. Their Sichuan Mala Hotpot is definitely the main attraction of the restaurant. With steaming soup bases, amazing spicy savory and a wide range of food ingredients, the restaurant welcomes thousands of diners every week.

In addition to their unforgettable hotpot experience, the restaurant also invests a lot of efforts into the renovation and the interior design of their branches in Malaysia. Inspired by traditional China inns, the restaurant is transformed into a magnificent gathering space where diners can truly enjoy warm and comforting hot pots while immersing in its atmosphere.


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