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SplashMania Waterpark in Gamuda Cove


Bandar Gamuda Cove, Banting

About LED Display

Our team was appointed to install a P2.5 Indoor LED Display at the merchandise store of SplashMania Waterpark in Gamuda Cove. The LED display has a screen width of 2.88 meters and a screen height of 2.56 meters.

There are numerous benefits of using an LED screen in a merchandise store. Firstly, LED screen offers bright and vibrant display, making it easy for the retailer to showcase its products and draw the attention of customers.

Secondly, the LED screen can be used to create a more dynamic and flexible merchandising environment. This is because LED screen can be used to display a wide range of content, including advertisements, product information, and promotions. This allows the retailer to easily update its messaging and branding as needed, providing a more dynamic shopping experience for customers.

About SplashMania

Located in Southern Klang Valley, Gamuda Cove is a new township development. One of the main landmarks in Gamuda Cove is the SplashMania Waterpark which offers a wide range of water-based activities for visitors of all ages.

The waterpark has various attractions such as Twin Turbo, Surf Mania, Maniac Racers and Atlantis VR. The park also features various food and beverage options, merchandise stores and locker rentals.


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