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Sri Paandi Restaurant Brickfields


Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur

About Digital Signage

For years, restaurants and food stores have been using digital signages in promoting their food and services. Digital signages have some notable advantages when compared to traditional signages. Digital signages can display various digital content such as videos and images, while traditional signages can only display static content such as posters.

Besides, digital signages provide higher flexibility when it comes to managing content. Digital content can be scheduled and rotated at any time. Users can also replace old content with newer content easily and quickly within a few clicks.

About Sri Paandi Brickfields

With a history of more than 20 years, Sri Paandi Brickfields is a well-known restaurant that serves South Indian Chetinad spicy dishes. Banana leaf meal is one of its most popular dishes. Banana leaf meal is often served together with vegetable, chicken, fish, prawn or egg.

Besides, the restaurant also serves other Chetinad dishes such as chicken pepper masala, tandoori chicken, chicken Manchurian, and mutton Varuval.  

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