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Telaga Biru Education


Kuala Lumpur

About Interactive Smartboard

VEXO Smart Interactive Panel V5X is one of the most effective digital displays to be used in a meeting room. With its large display of 86 inches, the smartboard can provide outstanding visual experience to audience in a large room that can accommodate more than 10 participants.

The smartboard can provide interactive experiences that engage meeting participants. Participants can share their ideas by drawing, writing or sketching directly on the screen.

About Telaga Biru

As one of the departments from Telaga Biru Sdn. Bhd., Telaga Biru Education serves its main goal by providing specialized education products and solutions to its customers.

Since established in 2012, the department has produced various texts books and reference books to help both educators and learners in enhancing their knowledge.

In 2017, the department ventures into a new segment – STEM Education. It offers STEM products that can help students to learn about programming and robotics.

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