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Teleperformance Malaysia


Petaling Jaya and Penang


VEXO Rotatable Digital Kiosk 55″ x 2 Units

About Rotatable Digital Kiosk

The VEXO Rotatable Digital Kiosk is a cutting-edge solution designed to transform how you interact with your audience. With its unique screen rotating mechanism, this kiosk breaks free from traditional static displays, ensuring that your content captures attention from every angle. The high-resolution visuals bring your messages to life with vibrant colors and stunning clarity. Navigating through interactive content is a breeze with the user-friendly touchscreen interface. Customize the kiosk to reflect your brand identity, and seamlessly integrate it into various environments, from retail spaces to corporate settings. With remote management capabilities, keeping your content up-to-date is effortless. The VEXO Rotatable Digital Kiosk is not just a display; it’s a dynamic tool to enhance engagement and leave a lasting impression.

About Teleperformance Malaysia

Teleperformance Malaysia, a key player in Malaysia’s BPO sector, is part of the global customer experience management leader. Strategically located in city, it serves over 18 languages in Asia and became the first BPO company in Penang in 2017, growing to two sites by 2019. Specializing in services like customer care and technical support, Teleperformance Malaysia integrates cutting-edge technology. Emphasizing diversity and collaboration, the company aligns strategies with client goals, fostering enduring partnerships. Actively engaged in social responsibility, Teleperformance Malaysia contributes positively to the local community. In summary, it exemplifies commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction, shaping the future of customer experience outsourcing in Malaysia and globally.

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