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Private Residence


Kuala Lumpur

About Samsung The Wall

In 2020, Samsung The Wall was announced as one of the winners of the CE Pro Best Product Awards. The micro LED display is introduced by Samsung as a next-generation display that is capable of providing a superior viewing experience.

Big Screen Media is honoured to be appointed by our client to install a P1.2 Samsung The Wall at a private residence in Kuala Lumpur. The model is IW012J. The display has a large screen size of 3.2 x 1.8 metres (diagonal 146 inches). With a pixel pitch of 1.26mm, the distance between pixels is very short. As a result, the pixel density is very high and it can provide a greater screen resolution.

Thanks to the Ultra Chroma Technology, the Samsung display can offer vibrant and true-to-life colours. It has higher colour purity and thus a more precise colour presentation.

Another notable characteristic of Samsung The Wall is its modularity. A modular display allows the owner to customize the shape and size of the screen based on his needs or requirements. Due to the high flexibility in screen customization, the display is suitable to be installed in various places such as building lobbies, exhibition centres and private home theaters.

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