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Yayasan Al-hijrah


Senawang, Negeri Sembilan

About Interactive Smartboard

A smart interactive panel, often referred to as an interactive display or smart board, is a technological device that combines the functionalities of a traditional whiteboard with advanced interactive and digital capabilities. It is designed to enhance collaboration, engagement, and communication in various settings, including classrooms, boardrooms, meeting rooms, and presentation spaces. Equipped with touch screen technology, digital annotations, high quality display, wireless connectivity, and size variability to cater to different spaces and needs.

About Yayasan Al-hijrah

Yayasan Al Hijrah is an organization founded by an Ustazah and Ustaz in December 2021. Hijrah Village, Ladang Ternak Ummah, Agro Tourism Ummah and Hijrah International Islamic School are among the few programs organized by Yayasan Al-Hijrah. Their core business including to assist asnaf and the converted group in various aspects including education and welfare and to improve the understanding in Islam among the ummah for the prosperity of the country.

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