P1.6 Indoor LED Module

P1.6 LED Display Module

Fine Pitch Indoor LED Display

  • Breathtaking viewing experience with short viewing distance
  • Fine pixel pitch of 1.66mm
  • Suitable for various indoor applications

Fine Pixel Pitch 1.66mm

Designed with the latest technology, P1.6 fine pitch indoor LED display provides a stunning viewing experience at a small pixel pitch of 1.66mm.High contrast ratio and high screen brightness deliver the highest quality images.

Vibrant LED Display

P1.6 LED Screen

  • Dynamic and breathtaking 1.66mm Indoor LED Display.
  • P1.6 Fine Pitch Indoor LED Display enables a short viewing distance with high resolution.
  • Convenient maintenance and installation. 
  • High brightness and contrast ratio.
P1.6 Indoor LED Module
P1.6 Indoor LED Module

Clarity & Detail

Deliver sharp and clear images with finer details.

High Brightness

High brightness display with excellent color.

Front Maintenance

Help to ensure easy and fast maintenance from the front.

High Refresh Rate

High refresh rate helps to deliver smoother-looking motion.

P1.6 LED Display - Specification

Pixel Pitch1.66mm
Module Size320 x 160mm
Module Resolution192 x 96 dots
LED Lamp TypeSMD 1212
Brightness600 – 800nits (Adjustable)
Refresh Rate3,840Hz
Greyscale16-bit (281 trillion color) / 65,536 shades per primary color
Driving Method1/32
Min Viewing Distance> 1.6 meter
Pixel Density / m2360,000 dots
Standard PanelMagnesium Alloy
Power Rating (Typ)232W/m2
Max Power Rating580W/m2
MaintenanceFully Front Accessible

P1.6 Fine Pitch Applications

Conference - P1.6 LED Display Application

Large Conference

Control Room - P1.6 LED Display Application

Control Room

Event - P1.6 LED Display Application

Event Hall

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