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P4.0 Indoor LED Module

P4 LED Display Module

Indoor LED Display

  • Indoor LED display with a pixel pitch of 4.0mm
  • Eye-catching advertising display
  • Enhanced contrast ratio and brightness

Pixel Pitch 4.0mm

Super bright P4 indoor LED display is designed to deliver eye-catching dynamic content with better contrast and wider viewing angle.

Sunway Velocity LED Screen

P4 Indoor LED Screen

  • P4.0 LED display module with a pixel pitch of 4mm.
  • Sharper image with higher contrast ratio.
  • Support various installations such as wall mount, portrait orientation, landscape orientation and hanging.
  • Premium advertising display with detailed color.
P4.0 Indoor LED Module
P4 Indoor LED Module

Vivid Colors

Deliver stunning image with vivid colors and high contrast ratio.

Wide Applications

Designed for various large venues or event applications.

Sharp Image

Clear and sharp image with high-resolution display.

Fast Installation

Designed to ensure easy and fast installation.

P4 Indoor LED Display - Specification

Pixel Pitch4.0mm
Module Size320 x 160mm
Module Resolution80 x 40 dots
LED Lamp TypeSMD 2121 Black LED (3-IN-1 RGB)
Brightness800 – 1,200nits (Adjustable)
Refresh Rate1,920Hz ~ 3,840Hz
Greyscale16-bit (281 trillion color) / 65,536 shades per primary color
Driving Method1/16
Min Viewing Distance> 4 meter
Pixel Density / m262,500 dots
Standard PanelBare/ Steel Iron/ Magnesium Alloy
Power Rating (Typ)150W/m2
Max Power Rating450W/m2

Indoor LED Screen Applications

P4 Indoor LED Display Module

Cinema Lobby

  • P4 Indoor LED screens at TGV Cinema, Toppen Mall.
  • Engage moviegoers with interesting movie trailers, showtimes and upcoming promotions.
  • Create an unforgettable experience for customers and increase brand loyalty.
LED Screen L shaped Sunway Velocity

Retail Advertising

  • P4 L-shape LED Screen at Sunway Velocity Mall.
  • Reach visitors effectively with the eye-catching giant LED screen.
  • Deliver unique content with better image quality.

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