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P5.0 Outdoor LED Module

P5 LED Display Module

Indoor LED Display

  • Indoor LED screen with a pixel pitch of 5.0mm
  • Unrivalled picture quality with high brightness
  • Vivid image with great visual impact

Pixel Pitch 5.0mm

P5 indoor LED display is engineered to be used in various environments, such as residential, commercial, business and industrial environments. A versatile display that is suitable for various applications.

P5 Indoor LED Screen

  • P5.0 LED display module with a pixel pitch of 5mm.
  • Bring content to life with its stunning image quality.
  • 16-bit color with a higher greyscale level.
  • Smooth playback of content with a high refresh rate.
P5.0 Outdoor LED Module
P5 Outdoor LED Display Module

High Contrast

High-resolution display with high contrast ratio.

High Brightness

High performance with high brightness level.

Sharp Image

Clear and sharp image with high-resolution display.

High Refresh Rate

Refresh rate as high as 3,840Hz to ensure smooth playback.

P5 Indoor LED Display - Specification

Pixel Pitch5.0mm
Module Size320 x 160mm
Module Resolution64 x 32 dots
LED Lamp TypeSMD 2121 Black LED (3-IN-1 RGB)
Brightness800 – 1,200nits (Adjustable)
Refresh Rate1,920Hz ~ 3,840Hz
Greyscale16-bit (281 trillion color) / 65,536 shades per primary color
Driving Method1/16
Min Viewing Distance> 5 meter
Pixel Density / m240,000 dots
Standard PanelBare/ Steel Iron/ Magnesium Alloy
Power Rating (Typ)150W/m2
Max Power Rating450W/m2

Indoor LED Screen Applications

P5 Ceiling LED Screen

Sales Gallery

  • P5 Ceiling LED Screen at The Rosewoodz @ Bukit Jalil.
  • Turn the sales gallery into a world of fantasy with extraordinary viewing experience.
  • Grab customers’ attention.
Ballroom LED Display


  • P2.5 Indoor LED Display at Kementerian Perumahan Dan Kerajaan Tempatan (KPKT) Ballroom.
  • Large LED display with enhanced readability and visibility.

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