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Engage your audience with our BIG OUTDOOR P6.67 LED SCREEN. With a pixel pitch of 6.67mm and a high refresh rate up to 3,840Hz, this display delivers stunning visuals with smooth motion and exceptional clarity, even in outdoor environments. Whether you’re hosting outdoor concerts, sports events, or corporate gatherings, its versatility and performance ensure that your content is displayed with precision and impact, captivating viewers and enhancing their outdoor experience.

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Outdoor LED Display

  • High resolution outdoor LED screen with a pixel pitch of 6.67mm
  • High refresh rate up to 3,840Hz
  • Support diverse outdoor applications

Pixel Pitch 6.67mm (Outdoor)

BIG OUTDOOR P6.67 LED SCREEN is a reliable and cost-effective display that helps business owners to reach a wider audience effectively. Outdoor LED screen and digital billboard are great alternatives to traditional advertising tools.

Digital Billboard - Outdoor LED module

P6.67 Outdoor LED Screen

  • P6.67 Outdoor LED screen display with a pixel pitch of 6.67mm.
  • Best color uniformity.
  • High contrast ratio and screen brightness.
  • Support various outdoor applications such as concerts, stadiums, stage events and outdoor advertising.

Image Quality

Outstanding image quality with high brightness and contrast.

Easy Installation

Lightweight materials for easy installation and maintenance.

Various Formats

Support various media playback formats.

Highly Durable

Designed to withstand extreme climatic conditions.

Model P6.67
Pixel Pitch 6.67mm
Module Size 320 x 160mm
Module Resolution 48 x 24 dots
LED Lamp Type SMD 3535
Brightness More than 6,000nits
Refresh Rate Up to 3,840Hz
Greyscale 16-bit (281 trillion color) / 65,536 shades per primary color
Driving Method 1/6
Min Viewing Distance 6.67 meter
IP Rating IP65
Power Rating (Typ) 250W/m2
Max Power Rating 750W/m2
Panel Material Die-cast Aluminium/ Aluminium/ Steel Iron



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