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VEXO 86E7X – Smart Interactive Panel (Education)

Education Smartboard E7X helps make the learning process more collaborative in the classroom. It gives students more opportunities to share their thoughts and to engage with each other in more interactive ways.

Feature-rich Smartboard

Discover the range of features you can use with the VEXO Interactive Flat Panel.

  • Smartboard with 4K Ultra HD Panel
  • Anti Glare screen coating with Zero IR Glass Bonding
  • Natural Pen Writing
  • Android 11
  • Wireless Screen Sharing
  • Magnetic Pen Attachment
  • 48MP Camera for Video Conferencing

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Key Features

Versatile Connection Options

VEXO Smart Interactive Panel E7X is a versatile and flexible education smartboard. Support a wide range of connection options. Help teachers and students to make use of their resources and time effectively.

Smart Interactive Panel (Education)

QR Code Share

QR code on the screen is available and convenient for teachers to save the shared learning materials onto their smartphones easily.

Smart Interactive Panel (Education)


Interact with the screen with either a smart pen or your fingers. Sketch, draw and write anything directly on the content displayed. Ideal for writing notes and comments.

Smart Interactive Panel (Education)

Open Pluggable Specification

Add Windows computing power to your interactive smartboard. Turn your smartboard into a computer that runs various Windows applications.

Smart Interactive Panel (Education)

Video Conference

Can support multiple people connecting to online video conference at the same time.

Smart Interactive Panel (Education)

Multi-Device Mirroring

Support various devices such as tablets, laptops and smartphones. Up to 4 devices can be connected at the same time.

Smart Interactive Panel (Education)

Smart Interactive Panel (Education)

Present In Multiple Formats

Support learning materials in multiple formats such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, PDF, image, video, and audio.

Open Pluggable Specification (OPS)

Run various Windows applications on your smartboard.

Third-party Applications

Access to resource libraries, software tools and programmes that provide extra benefits to your smart classroom.

Model VEXO 86E7X
Display Size 86”
Display Area Size 1897 x 1068mm
Physical Size (W x H x D) 1953 x 1151 x 92mm
Display Brightness 400 nits
CPU & GPU Octa-core A73+ASS 2.2GHz, Mali G52 MP8
RAM & ROM 8 + 128GB
Speaker 2x 20W Stereo
Connectivity Front Panel I/O Type Quantity
HDMI In x1
Touch USB x1
Type-C x1
USB3.0 x2
Rear Panel I/O Type Quantity
HDMI In x2
HDMI Out x1
RJ45 x2
3.5mm Audio In x1
3.5mm Audio Out x1
Type-C x1
USB2.0 x1
USB3.0 x2
Touch USB x2
RS232 x1
SPDIF Out x1
DP ln x1
VGA ln x1
Display Type D-LED
Display Coating Anti-Glare (AG)
Display Resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels (4K UHD)
Touch Glass 7H Tempered Glass with Zero IR Bonding
Android Version V11.0
Screen Sharing 4-device Simultenous Screen Sharing
Screen Share Compatibility Android/ 10S/ Windows/ Mac/Linux/ Chrome0S



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