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VEXO VSP-360 – Omni 360 Array Speakerphone

The VEXO VSP 360 Omni 360 Array Speakerphone is a digital array microphone with 6 sets of build in transducers that enable up to 12 m diameter of voice pickup distance. VSP 360 has a 2 75 10 watt driver with a build in HiFi DSP with proprietary sound algorithms for crystal clear speech amplification with intelligent noise reduction, echo cancellation and reverberation suppression. VSP 360 comes USB Type C an d Bluetooth 5 0 for ease of use and latest audio integration for modern video conferencing needs.

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Omni 360 Array Speakerphone

Key Features

Digital Array Microphone

Digital Array Microphone with 6 build in microphone transducers to provide up to 12 meter distance voice pickup Enables convenience hands free lecture and presentation solution

10-Watt High Power Driver

Build in 2 75 10 watt industry leading high performance driver with a focus on middle frequency speech amplification for crystal clear audio reproduction.

Intelligent Voice Tracking

Adaptive 360 degrees beamforming technology provides superior adaptability to different sound environments With build in speech reinforcement, VSP 360 minimizes interference and keeps speech clear and loud.

Plug & Play Installation

Using latest USB type C and Bluetooth 5 0 zero configuration design is employed for plug and play installation.

HiFi Grade DSP Audio Algorithms

HiFi grade proprietary technologies including intelligent noise reduction, echo cancellation and reverberation suppression to ensure clear sound quality and comfortable communication.

Best Compatibility

Compatible with modern virtual meeting applications such as Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams

High Quality Sound Recording

Enjoy high quality sound recording with less concerns on the classroom/meeting room decorations.

Wireless Design with Powerbank Function

VSP 360 is designed to be wireless for minimal footprint on your precious meeting room table It can also function as a Powerbank shall any of your mobile device require emergency charging.

ModelVEXO VSP-360
Audio ParameterMicrophone TypeDigital Array Omni Microphone
Array MicrophoneBuild in 6 microphones to form a circular array microphone
Signal Noise to Ratio> 80 dB(A)
Frequency Response90Hz - 20kHz (1kHz 0dB, + 3dB)
Sampling Rate32K Sampling, high resolution broadband audio
Pickup Range12m diameter (6m radius)
USB ProtocolSupport UAC
Automatic Echo Cancellation (AEC)Support
Automatic Noise Suppression (ANS)Support
Automatic Gain Control (AGC)Support
Hardware InterfaceUSBUSB2.0 for Wireless Audio Transmission
USB Type-CFor Charging
General SpecificationPower InputUSB 5V
Battery3.7V 4000mAH
Power Consumption300 Hours (Standby), 12 Hours (Normal Operation)
Dimensions⌀ 165mm x H 45mm



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