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Wisma Bernama


Wisma Bernama, Kuala Lumpur

About P1.2 4K LED Screen for Bernama

In a move towards digitalization in media production, we have worked with Bernama project implementation team to install a 4K P1.2 fine pitch indoor LED screen display at their new concept studio. The display measures a size of 5120 x 2880mm that will function as their new virtual backdrop for media news production. It is also first in Malaysia to utilize a 4K (4096×2304 pixels) LED backdrop for virtual media production. The system is also able to perform visual cropping to support various modern 4K formats such as DCI 4K full frame (4096 x 2160), DCI 4K CinemaScope (4096 x 1716) and 4K UHD (3840×2160).

About Bernama

Bernama is a news agency in Malaysia which stands for Berita Nasional Malaysia. Bernama headquartered at Wisma Bernama, off Jalan Tun Razak near National Library at Kuala Lumpur. Bernama began reporting using the audio-visual medium with the opening of its audio-visual division in September 1998. It also has its own radio and television channel.

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