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HUAWEI IDEAHUB Interactive Whiteboard

Exceptional Interactive Whiteboard

HUAWEI IdeaHub is more than just an interactive whiteboard.

An all in one collaborative smartboard. Integrates essential functions of interactive whiteboard, video conference, projection, information sharing and office applications.

Various Application Scenarios

HUAWEI IdeaHub Interactive Whiteboard - Meeting

Meeting Room

HUAWEI IdeaHub Interactive Whiteboard - Office

Smart Office

HUAWEI IdeaHub Interactive Whiteboard - Discussion

Interactive Discussion

Video Conference

HUAWEI Ideahub Smart Office

The Era of Smart Office

HUAWEI IdeaHub’s technology helps people to work faster and more effective in a workplace.

Incorporating HD wireless projection, video conferencing and intelligent intuitive handwriting, work smart today with the HUAWEI IdeaHub series.

HUAWEI Ideahub Smart Office
HUAWEI IdeaHub Interactive Smartboard

Elegant Simplicity

HUAWEI IdeaHub Interactive Whiteboard has a modern user-centric design. 

It has gentle jade white frame and a slender artistic stand.*

* IdeaHub Pro and IdeaHub S

4K UHD Projection for
Better Viewing Experience

Interactive whiteboard HUAWEI IdeaHUB - 4K
  • Smoother projection with 60fps
  • Higher definition images
  • 4K H.265
  • More accurate mouse-pointing

Interactive Whiteboard
with Ultra-low Latency

Huawei Ideahub Interactive Whiteboard - Writing
  • Smooth writing experience with 35ms ultra-low writing latency
  • Graphic recognition and convenient electronic document transcription

Intelligent Speaker Tracking

IdeaHub Interactive Board - Tracking
  • Layout automatically switches between views depending on who is speaking at the moment
  • Track and focus automatically on the speaker*
  • Improved video conferencing experience

* Speaker Tracking is only supported by IdeaHub Pro and Enterprise

Block Noise via Acoustic Baffle

HuaWei IdeaHub Smartboard - Block Noise
  • Acoustic Baffle feature
  • Create invisible sound walls to block unwanted noise outside the meeting area

Multiple Wireless Projection Mode and Cloud Meeting Support

  • Easy and quick sharing from computers & mobile phones
  • Ideashare App, Ideashare Projector & Reverse Control
  • Support 3rd party cloud meeting service (OPS module is required)

Open Hardware & Software
for Industry Applications

HuaWei IdeaHUB Industry Application
  • Open SDK allows third party to use hardware and audio visual capability
  • Windows platform extension and OPS – optional extension module for Windows

HUAWEI IdeaHub Series

HUAWEI IdeaHub Product - IdeaHub S, IdeaHub Pro, IdeaHub Enterprise
HuaWei IdeaHub S
HUAWEI IdeaHub Pro
HUAWEI IdeaHub Enterprise

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