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4 Reasons Why We Need Smart Interactive Panels for Schools & Colleges

Using visuals is always the best way to convey messages. You do not need to spend much time in writing thousands of words to relay your message. A picture or a video is more than enough to do the job. 

Visual communication could attract attention easily. People prefer to watch a video than read a book or an article. This is the reason why display devices such as smart phone, smart interactive board and LED screen display are always the best sellers in the consumer market. 

Beside of advertising and entertainment, display devices have unlimited possibilities in serving other areas. One of the important areas is the education sector. Students are no different from other consumers. They are more interested in appealing videos and images. 

Traditional teaching materials are no longer able to retain students’ attention. As technology advances, chalkboard had been replaced by whiteboard. And we believe, in Malaysia, whiteboard is going to be replaced soon by the smart interactive panel or the interactive smart board. In fact, schools and universities in foreign countries have adopted smart interactive panels in classrooms and campuses since years ago. 

There are 4 reasons why we need smart interactive panels for schools and colleges. 

1. Clear vision for learning.

Smart interactive panels for schools is no longer a gimmick. It is a need that is required to overcome the disadvantages of traditional teaching methods. 

Whiteboard teachings require non-permanent marker pens. These pens need to be refilled with inks whenever they are running dry. Besides, the whiteboard can cause glare issues if too much light is cast onto its surface. Students will have a tough time to read whiteboard contents if the light condition is bad.

Some schools adopt projector screens in classroom teaching. When the projector screen is used, the viewing experience is highly dependent on the classroom’s light condition and the projector. 

Lights need to be switched off. Curtains need to be used to block sunlight from coming into the classroom. Even though 
you have a perfect room condition, the projector screen might look dim and not bright enough. Besides, the projector requires on-going maintenance. The fan and the filter need to be serviced from time to time, to prevent overheating issue.

Smart interactive panel is a great alternative to both whiteboard and projector screen. Smart interactive display is bright and vivid. It provides high-definition and clear picture. And most importantly, smart interactive panel for schools can work extremely well under any classroom condition. 

Screen brightness is no longer an issue since most smart board products offer adjustable brightness. Besides, smart interactive panels come with a wide range of size options. You can always pick the right screen display size for your classroom.

Smart interactive panels for schools

2. Reduce maintenance cost and time.

The most important task of an education institute or a teacher is to educate students. You want to spend the most of your time in teaching your students. It is very important because well-taught talents are precious to our country. 

Traditional teaching tools such as projector screen and whiteboard require maintenance. Marker pens need to be refilled. Projectors need to be serviced. Worse comes to worst, the teaching plan can be disrupted if the projector malfunctions during the teaching session and it could not be fixed within a short period of time. Besides, on-going maintenance is costly.

Smart interactive panels for schools can reduce maintenance cost and time. Today, the
interactive display technology is a mature technology that has a long enough history. 

Smart board or interactive board manufacturers have the ability to manufacture high quality smart interactive panels. The products require only minimal on-going maintenance. Besides, it is very easy to maintain the interactive panel. You only need to clean the screen once in a while to keep dust away. 

Smart interactive panels for schools

3. Interactive learning is the right education approach.

As technology advances, education approach also needs to break out of the box. We mentioned before that students are no different from other consumers. 

In advertising, social marketers are trying their very best to improve social media engagement. It is proven that interaction between the brand and the customers is crucial in making an impact in the market.

Times have changed. Teachers can no longer spoon feed students with information. Interactive learning is all about engagement. Students can take active roles in learning new knowledge. It can help students to think more and thus encourage independence.

The digital technology makes interactive learning possible. We have the smart interactive panel. Unlike an ordinary flat display, the display has touchscreen and pen writing features. Interaction between the content displayed and the users is thus made possible. 

Smart interactive panel is a very powerful screen display for schools. It provides users with a smooth pen to paper writing experience. Some displays even allow simultaneous writing up to 4 users. 
Besides, users can also use their fingers to swipe or interact with the screen without the pen. The display also allows users to write on any background source. It will make the whole teaching process intuitive. 

We believe gamified lesson can increase students’ involvement, and thus improving the effectiveness of classroom learning. 

Smartboard Interactive Learning

4. Versatile connection options and audio support.

Smart interactive panels come with versatile connection options. USB, audio ports, HDMI and NFC are some of the common options. These connection options enable optimum collaborations with other tools such as laptop, tablet, and personal computer. Teachers can connect their laptops to the smart interactive panels.

Besides, most smart interactive panels are equipped with either built-in speakers or audio ports. The smart board can play both video and audio at the same time. 

Although visual communication is important in classroom learning,
audio is also one of the foundations of a great learning environment. Good audio can keep students to stay engaged and focused all the time. 


We believe when the idea of smart school or technology-based learning is adopted widely in the near future, more education institutions will understand the significance of smart interactive panels or smart boards in providing ideal solutions for various learning and classroom scenarios.

On a promising note, interactive display technology is advancing at rocket speed. We hope that the technology can provide more solutions with wider applications in different areas, including our education sector.  

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