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Big Screen Media Logo

Say hello to our new logo

Ready to Launch

We are pleased to announce the official launch of our new brand identity.

Take a look at our new logo, feel and theme. The inspiring new look for our brand marks another milestone. Our new chapter begins!

The journey was never an easy one. We started as a home-based business in 2018, delivering products and services to a small group of customers. Today, we employed over 10 full time staff members, set foot in a corporate office and serve a large customer base from many different industry sectors. We have seen tremendous growth in our team and capability. And today, we are still progressing towards our visions and goals.

We loved our previous logos, but we feel it is the right time for a little makeover. Time has changed, and we need to embrace the change.

Big Screen Media Logo

We had a great time.

Our previous logo was doing its job well for the past few years. However, it can definitely do better. As we set out to start a new chapter and to go bigger, the iconic BIG needs to evolve too.

In order to create a successful brand, it is important to match our brand identity with our mission. Our new logo consists of two main colours, which are green and blue. Green signifies growth in our company, as well as our continuous promotion to digitalize the visual experience to cut down on printings & carbon footprint. The use of blue is associated to our determination to provide quality, reliable and professional services to our customers at all times.

Big Screen Media Logo
Big Screen Media Logo

A new journey.

Our brand identity has changed. Our logo has changed.

But our core mission and values remain the same.

We at Big Screen Media will continue to focus on delivering the best audio visual solution to our clients. In creating our new brand, we still believe in the importance of a strong customer service culture.

It is still us. We are still the same Big Screen Media. But we are now more prepared.

Big Screen Media Office
Big Screen Media Office

It is still a beginning, but we are pumped and committed to providing the best solution to our clients. We can’t wait to achieve marvellous things together with our customers and partners. Stay tuned!

The team at Big Screen Media Sdn. Bhd.
19 May 2021.

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