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4 Things to Know About IP Rating For An Outdoor LED Screen

Have you ever come across the phrase “IP rating” and wonder what does it mean?

IP stands for ingress protection. IP rating is a recognized standard set by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). It is used to define the sealing effectiveness of an electronic enclosure against intrusions like dust or water. All electronic devices can be rated with the IP rating, including an outdoor LED screen.

Understand the IP Code

Before knowing the importance of the IP rating, it is better to learn how to read the IP code.

IP rating has 2 digits, for instance, IP32.  The first digit refers to the protection level against physical contact and solid substances, such as dust and tools. The second digit indicates the protection level against liquid, such as raindrops, water splash and water jet.

For the first digit, it can go from 0 to 6. 0 means there is no protection against contact while 6 indicates full protection. The second digit will be from 0 to 8. 0 means no protection against liquid and 8 means the highest protection level against liquid.

A device with a rating of IP32 generally means, the device has only some degree of protection against both solid objects and liquid. The digit 3 indicates protection against objects that are greater than 2.5mm. However, the protection does not cover smaller objects and dust.

On the other hand, the device is not completely water-resistant. It is not protected against heavy rain too. The digit 2 indicates protection against vertically falling drops of water only. Hence, the lower the IP code, the limited the protection it has.

However, there is no need to go for a device with a high IP rating such as the IP68 in every situation since some devices will only be used indoors.

IP Rating Outdoor LED Display

Importance of IP Rating For An Outdoor LED Screen

Now, let’s discuss the IP rating for outdoor LED screens and why it is important. First of all, an outdoor LED screen needs good protection against both solids and liquid. The screen will be placed outdoors where it will be exposed to all sorts of possible damages. It is exposed to hot sun, rain, and even to human contact.

An ingress protection rating is important to determine the protection level of an outdoor LED screen. The outdoor LED screen will be tested to prove whether it is both durable and protected.  A high IP-rated outdoor LED screen is suitable for various outdoor applications since it is tested and is able to withstand the climatic conditions that can damage the display. In short, the outdoor LED screen is guaranteed to be both waterproof and weatherproof.

Furthermore, It is also important for an outdoor LED screen to be validated by the IP rating as it could be exposed to various human contacts. Anything can happen outdoors especially in areas with heavy foot traffic. Some people might accidentally hit the screen, spill a drink onto the LED screen, or tiny rocks may hit the screen. Hence, an Ingress Protection rating can help to make the outdoor LED screen to become a trusted product that could be put outdoors despite all the risks.

IP rating gives confidence to users as well. Users do not have to constantly be worried about their outdoor LED screens or other outdoor electronic devices if the abilities to resist water and weather damage have been tested. Users will feel assured when the devices are IP-rated. Besides, IP-rated products can also help users to make better decision in purchasing the right devices for their applications.

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Ideal IP Rating For An Outdoor LED Screen

Being exposed to high-risk damages, an outdoor LED screen should have an ideal IP rating. It will be IP65 or at least IP54. Having an outdoor LED screen rated with the ideal IP rating is better. Do you know why IP65 is the ideal IP rating for an outdoor LED screen?

As mentioned before, the first digit indicates the protection against solids, and the second digit refers to the protection against liquid. An IP65-rated outdoor LED screen achieves maximum protection level against solid and physical contact, such as dust and humans’ touch. It is both dust-tight and durable. The digit 5 in the IP65 proves that the outdoor LED screen is protected from low-pressure water jets from all angles. It is totally protected against heavy rain.

The screen and the components of an outdoor LED are tested to be well-protected from raindrops, airborne, dust, wind, and other solid objects. Thus, an IP65-rated outdoor LED screen is enough for most situations. However, users can still go for a higher rating such as IP68. It depends on the budget available and the weather condition of the installation venue. 

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Difference Between Low IP Rating & High IP Rating Uses

A low IP rating does not mean the device is worthless. Both Low IP rating and high IP rating have their own suitable applications. 

A low IP-rated electronic device tends to be used indoors while a high IP-rated device is suitable for various outdoor applications. For example, an outdoor LED display can be used outdoors since it has a high IP rating.

A low IP-rated device is suitable to be put indoors. There will be no raindrops, or cars splashing puddles onto the screen. A low rating is also appropriate for sealed products because sealed products have been designed to be protected against most minor damages.

For a high IP-rated device, it is appropriate to be used outdoors such as places with heavy foot traffic. Places with heavy foot traffic mean there are a large number of humans visiting the place from time to time. This increases the probability of human contact. People can possibly bring damage to the device by touching or dropping substances onto it. Besides, it is also suitable to be used in areas that are constantly exposed to water splash since the high IP-rated device is water-resistant.

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To determine the best Ingress Protection rating of any device, you have to determine the application and the venue of the device first. Will it be indoor or outdoor? If it is to be put outdoors, then you have to carefully choose an ideal IP-rated device to make sure it will be weatherproof and waterproof.

IP rating shows the suitability for LED screens to adapt to environmental conditions, be it indoor or outdoor. Getting a device with an IP rating has more guarantees rather than just getting a device that is claimed to be waterproof without any IP code or standard to support it. Some devices are being overclaimed for marketing purposes. Thus, be a smart consumer and trust IP rating more than mere words.

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