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Elevate your indoor space with the innovative BIG GLASS P3.9-L Transparent LED Screen. This cutting-edge display technology combines the transparency of glass with the dynamic visual capabilities of LED screens. With a pixel pitch of 3.91mm and adjustable brightness up to 800 nits, this screen offers stunning clarity and visibility. It works by incorporating transparent LED modules into glass panels, allowing light to pass through while displaying vibrant images and videos. Featuring up to 87% transparency ratio, it minimizes visual obstruction, making it ideal for applications such as shop windows, office windows, and building glass walls. Its lightweight aluminum casing design and energy-saving features further enhance its versatility and efficiency, providing an elegant solution for modern indoor displays.

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Product Features:

  • Pixel Pitch 3.91mm
  • Brightness up to 800 nits
  • Up to 87% transparency ratio for almost no visual obstruction
  • Standard panel size of 500 x 1000mm, and can also be customized to fit to the windows size
  • Lightweight aluminium casing design

See Through LED Screen

Model P3.9-L
Pixel Pitch 3.91mm - 7.81mm
Pixel Density 32,768 pixels/m2
Module Size 500 x 250mm
Module Resolution 128 x 16 Dots
Cabinet Size 1000 x 500mm / 1000 x 1000mm
Cabinet Resolution 128 x 32 Pixel / 128 x 64 Pixel
Cabinet Grade Die-Cast Aluminium Alloy
LED Lamp Type SMD2121 BlackLED (3-in-1 RGB)
Brightness 800 nits (adjustable)
Refresh rate 1,920 Hz
Viewing Angle 160° horizontal / 160° vertical
Viewing Distance >3.9 meter
Greyscale 16-18-bit
Driving Method 1/16



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