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Immerse your audience in stunning outdoor visuals with our BIG OUTDOOR P5 LED SCREEN. With a pixel pitch of 5.0mm, this display offers exceptional picture quality and fully customizable sizes to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re organizing outdoor concerts, showcasing advertisements in urban environments, or enhancing outdoor events with dynamic visuals, this screen delivers vibrant and engaging imagery that captivates viewers and enhances their outdoor experience.

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Outdoor LED Display

  • Outdoor LED screen with a pixel pitch of 5.0mm
  • Exceptional picture quality
  • Fully customizable sizes

Pixel Pitch 5.0mm (Outdoor)

BIG OUTDOOR P5 LED SCREEN is designed to perform well under any extreme climatic conditions. It works perfectly fine even when there is extreme heat or non-stop heavy rain.

Digital Billboard

P5 Outdoor LED Screen

  • P5 Outdoor LED screen display with a pixel pitch of 5mm.
  • High visibility with high refresh rate and brightness.
  • Deliver clear and sharp image.
  • Support a wide range of outdoor applications.

High Brightness

Exceptional screen brightness. Work well during daytime.

Customizable Size

Build outdoor display with any desirable screen sizes.

Heat Dissipation

Advanced heat dissipation system to avoid overheating.

Various Formats

Support various media playback formats.

Model P5.0
Pixel Pitch 5.0mm
Module Size 320 x 160mm
Module Resolution 80 x 40 dots
LED Lamp Type SMD 2525
Brightness 5,000 ~ 7,500nits (Adjustable)
Refresh Rate 1,920Hz ~ 3,840Hz
Greyscale 16-bit (281 trillion color) / 65,536 shades per primary color
Driving Method 1/8
Min Viewing Distance > 5 meter
Pixel Density / m2 62,500 dots
IP Rating IP65
Power Rating (Typ) 250W/m2
Max Power Rating 750W/m2
Panel Material Die-cast Aluminium/ Aluminium/ Steel Iron



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