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VEXO VC900-PTZ – Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Camera

The VEXO VC-900-PTZ is a Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) 4K UHD Camera with AI Tracking technology for professional A/V integration with 12x optical zoom for crystal clear image & video outputs. Now equipped with V-GEN image enhancing engines for superior contrast & color reproductions for better visual representation of output footage. Combined with build in AI engine chip for automated human tracking, VC-900-PTZ enables memorization of targeted audience with automated crowd avoidance. Therefore, it reduces the need of PTZ’s manual control and provides unparallel user experience.

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Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Camera

Key Features

12x Optical Zoom

VC-900-PTZ adopts 4K ultra long focal lens with high quality and 8 million ultra-high resolution, 12x optical zoom, and the maximum field angle is 80.8°

Multiple Interfaces

Support HDMI and 3G-SDI interface, effective transmission distance of 3G-SDI is up to 150 meters (1080P30). HDMI or 3G-SDI, USB, LAN can output three HD digital signals at the same time.

Remote Control

Interact with the screen with either a smart pen or your fingers. Sketch, draw and write anything directly on the content displayed. Ideal for writing notes and comments.

Accelerometer Sensor

Build-in accelerometer sensor supports automatic image flipping function, which is convenient for engineering installation and use, such as up-side down ceiling installation.

AI Tracking

With the help of the AI computing power of the chip, VC-900-PTZ is equipped with advanced AI algorithms to realize monocular humanoid tracking, which can realize automatic tracking of scenes such as education, conferences and live broadcasts.


NDI|HX2 has the characteristics of low delay and plug and play, which is convenient for project implementation and deployment. It has good ecology and supports the simultaneous transmission of audio, video and control commands.


Use SONY 1/2.8-inch high-quality UHD CMOS sensor with a maximum of 8.40 million pixels can realize 4K (3840×2160) ultra-high-resolution
high-quality images. And downward compatible with 1080p, 720p and other resolutions.

Superior Low Light

The application of 3D noise reduction algorithm greatly reduces image noise. Even under the condition of ultra-low illumination. Superior low light performance will keep the picture clean and clear, and the SNR of image is as high as 55dB.

Model VEXO VC900-PTZ
Sensor Sony 1/2.8” CMOS
Resolution 8.4 Megapixels
Signal Protocol HDMI

4KP25, 4KP30, 4KP50, 4KP60, 4KP59.94, 4KP29.97,

1080P25, 1080P30, 1080P50, 1080P60, 1080P59.94,

1080P29.97, 1080I50, 1080I60, 1080I59.94,

720P50, 720P59.94, 720P60


1080P25, 1080P30, 1080P50, 1080P60, 1080P59.94, 1080P29.97,

1080I50, 1080I60, 1080I59.94, 720P50, 720P59.94, 720P60

Scanning Mode Progressive
Lens 12x, f = 3.4mm ~ 41.6mm, F1.8 ~ F3.7
Digital Zoom 16x
Min Lux 0.5 Lux @ (F1.8, AGC On)
Shutter 1/30s ~ 1/10000s
White Balance Auto, Indoor, Outdoor, One Push, Manual. VAR
Backlight Compensation Support
Digital Noise Ratio 3D Digital Noise Reduction
Signal Noise Ratio ≥55dB
Horizontal Angle of View 80.8° ~ 7.5°
Vertical Rotation Range 49.9° ~ 4.3°
Horizontal Rotation Range ±170°
Pan Speed Range -30° ~ +90°
Tilt Speed Range 1.8°/s ~ 80°/s
H & V Flip 1.5°/s ~ 49°/s
Image Freeze Support
PoE+ Support
Number of Preset 255
Preset Accuracy 0.1°
WiFi WiFi Antenna
DC 12V 12V 12V Power Connector
Audio Sound Output
SIM SIM Card Slot (Optional)
TF CARD TF Card Slot
4G 4G Antenna (Optional)



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