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Top 4 Digital Displays To Have In The Airport

An airport is a building where people from different nationalities depart and arrive at various times of the day. It is a huge building with a wide range of facilities such as check-in areas, waiting areas, clearance gates, washrooms, baggage reclaim areas, restaurants, and retail stores. Getting lost at the airport is not uncommon. Sometimes, too many navigational signs can be confusing.

airport touchscreen kiosk

Due to the overwhelming number of passengers, airports are always short-handed. We cannot afford to get every passenger to inquire at the customer service counter. For the past years, airport operators all around the world have been exploring different ways in providing the best possible passenger experiences. One of the most effective methods is to use digital displays.

Digital displays can stand out among other distractions. They can get visitors’ attention easily and hence help the visitors to get the information they need. In this article, we will look at the top 4 digital displays to have in the airport.

1. Digital Signage

Electronic signage or digital signage is a digital display that looks like a home television. Digital signage is mainly used to display multimedia content for both advertising and informational purposes.

Although digital signage looks like a home TV, it is always not a good idea to use home TVs in airports since TVs are not engineered to operate for long hours. Airports operate 24/7. Hence, digital signage is a better choice since it is designed to have a more durable performance.

Passengers and airport visitors are constantly looking for the most updated information on the flight schedule, flight status, gate location, arrival times, and departure times. Using high-definition digital signages can ensure high screen readability. Passengers can always pay attention to their flight info from a further distance.

Besides, since flight information is updated on a real-time basis, it is always a good idea to display the information via digital signage that can be managed and updated quickly from a remote location.

Digital Signage at Airport

2. LED Display

LED display is a large and flat panel display that is constructed by multiple smaller LED modules. These LED modules use light-emitting diodes to generate light and display digital content.

LED displays are also commonly found in airports. They can be used to display flight information, advertisements, and announcements. But since both LED displays and digital signages serve almost the same purposes, when is the better time to use LED displays?

An LED display is commonly used as a large format display. The screen size of an LED display can be customized, and it can go really large depending on the airport’s requirements. Besides, when a lower pixel pitch (or higher pixel density) is used, an LED display is capable of producing superior image quality that looks even more awesome than what digital signage can offer, due to its sheer screen size. This is one of the reasons why advertisers love to place their advertisements on these LED displays in airports.

LED Screen at airport
LED Screen at airport

3. Video Wall

Video wall is a multi-monitor setup. Multiple monitors or televisions are combined and tiled together to form a single large screen. While both video walls and LED displays can be used as large-format displays, they are using different display technologies. An LED display uses light emitting diodes while most video walls use the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology.

Besides, obvious lines can be found on a video wall due to the bezels of the tiling monitors. The bezels can affect the overall viewing experience sometimes, but it is still a more affordable option when compared to the LED display.

As the video wall gets larger, it can be hard and expensive to achieve the desired video resolution such as Full HD and 4K Ultra HD. A powerful processor is needed to split one large piece of content into multiple smaller screens.

Due to the limitations, today, video walls are commonly used in the monitoring centres of airports rather than delivering content to the airport visitors.  

Video Wall at airport

4. Digital Standee & Interactive Kiosk

A digital standee is a floor-standing display that can be used for various purposes such as information sharing, advertising, and entertainment. A digital standee can also be transformed into an interactive kiosk when an interactive application is equipped. Users are allowed to interact directly with the interactive kiosk for purposes such as information searching, navigation, directory, ticketing, and check-in.

Unlike all other displays that we mentioned above, a digital standee can be moved around easily. Airports can always feel free to change the locations for their standees. In addition to its mobility, the installation of a digital standee is very easy. Connect the power plug and the display can be put to work immediately.

Digital Standee at Airport
Digital Standees at Airport
Interactive Kiosks at Airport


Running an airport is just like running a business. All passengers and airport visitors are essentially the customers of the airport. The airport needs to provide a smooth and enjoyable airport experience to the public, whether it is checking in, collecting baggage, or helping them to find a way to the washroom. Besides, the airport is the first place that foreign tourists visit when they land in our country. Our country’s impression can be harmed if foreign tourists are not impressed with what the airport can offer.

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