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The Best 4 Benefits of An Interactive Kiosk

What is the definition of an interactive kiosk? An interactive kiosk is a self-service device, providing engaging information and digital content to the audience with a user-friendly interface. This hardware device is coupled with specialized software that enables the self-service feature to users. 

Interactive kiosks have started to be used in many sectors, from commerce, entertainment, retail to food services. Many sectors began to use this device because it has many uses and benefits. For instance, interactive kiosks can be used for wayfinding, displaying information, or for transactions. These are just a few mentionable examples. We will explore the benefits of interactive kiosks later in this article.

Digital Kiosk - Interactive Kiosk

Some common types of interactive kiosks are

  1. Self-order digital kiosk
  2. Flyer holder kiosk
  3. Single-sided digital kiosk
  4. Double-sided digital kiosk
  5. Rotatable digital kiosk
  6. A-style digital kiosk

The types can be chosen depending on the functions, location and a few more factors you have to consider. An interactive kiosk does not necessarily have to be a standing type. You can also go for a table-top interactive kiosk. Even though the tabletop interactive kiosk is not mentioned in the list above, worry not because you can customize your own interactive kiosk. Most companies are open to customized interactive kiosks. All you have to do is to sketch and tell the supplier how you want your device to be.

Benefits of Interactive Kiosk

It is only right to know the benefits a digital kiosk can give before we consider purchasing and using it.

Several noteworthy benefits of interactive kiosks are:

  1. Enhance customer service
  2. Efficient solution
  3. Help to analyze users
  4. Freeing up employees and reduce business cost
Benefits of Interactive Kiosk

1. Enhance Customer Service

An interactive kiosk is a device that will be placed in an open space to be used by customers of any place. Let it be shopping malls, airports or even libraries. 

It is placed to help and guide customers. Some venues use interactive kiosks as a wayfinding tool to help visitors in finding directions. Some place it to display product information. Whichever it is, placing an interactive kiosk helps to enhance customer service. The question you may have is, how does it help to enhance customer service?

An interactive kiosk provides detailed information. Customers’ questions will be answered without any missing points. It helps to satisfy customer’s needs. Information given by an interactive kiosk is also more accurate compared to humans’. 

Besides, an interactive kiosk is capable of being multi-language. Malaysia is a linguistically diverse country, and we have many tourists from all over the world. Of course, people from all walks of life will speak different languages.

Interactive kiosks help to accommodate everyone with their preferred language. It can be frustrating if a customer only knows how to speak English, but the customer service staff is not fluent in it. This can cause misunderstanding and misinformation. Hence, an interactive kiosk helps to enhance the customer service and customer experience.

Furthermore, some people do not prefer talking to a person as they prefer looking for information and paying independently. Sometimes, people with anxiety or introverts find it very uncomfortable to go to a customer service counter. Thus, interactive kiosks give more relaxed and better user experiences to these customers.

The same goes if the interactive kiosk is used for transactions. It increases customer satisfaction as some customers dislike sharing their debit or credit card with another person.

2. Efficient Solution

An interactive kiosk is efficient. First, kiosk information is more well-organized. The information is stored orderly and precisely. It eases the process of information searching, ordering or transaction. It makes everything run efficiently and smoothly for users.

Next, an interactive kiosk can operate round the clock, day and night. It does not have to take any leave or recess time. It can be used anytime and is available for all users whenever needed.

In addition, other than working continuously, an interactive kiosk also works in the same standard despite the time. In simpler words, it is consistent. For instance, even when it’s late in the evening, an interactive kiosk will still function in its best state.

Unlike kiosks, humans need lunch breaks, restroom breaks and many more, making humans less efficient compared to interactive kiosks. Furthermore,  humans are incapable of working the entire time till late at night.

An interactive kiosk is very efficient in real-time information updating. An interactive kiosk has specialized software that helps to manage the update. If there is any information change, it can easily be changed. If there is a flash sale, it can be updated quickly. No manual and physical update is needed since everything can be done with a few finger clicks or mouse clicks. Indirectly, an interactive kiosk improves real-time communication.

3. Helps to Analyze Customers

Another benefit of an interactive kiosk is it helps to analyze its users. Without realizing it, this device helps business owners to understand more about their customers. How is that?

Interactive kiosks keep the search history and usage history of users. That being said, the owner of an interactive kiosk can view what is most searched and most popular on interactive kiosks. It is done through data analytics and statistics. Data of what customers like the most and less liked will be provided.

Is it important to analyze customers? YES, it is, especially for business owners who want to expand and grow their businesses aggressively. Have you ever heard that a customer is a king? This phrase describes how significant a customer is. Knowing what a customer prefers the most helps business owners to figure out where they must direct their focus on.

For example, if the data from an interactive kiosk shows that most customers tend to search about cosmetics, then it means business owners should focus on advertising cosmetics even more. Business owners will also know that they must put extra effort into the product that has the highest demand because it will produce a prominent profit for the company.

For a product that received less attention from customers, business owners will have to work even harder to promote the product. They can work on the weakness and improve what is needed.

In the end, it will help to boost sales. The same goes when an interactive kiosk is placed in public spaces like airports or libraries. The owner can collect data of what is most searched by visitors and identify what kind of help do most of them need. When a problem is identified, they can come out with solutions to overcome it.

Benefits of Interactive Kiosk

4. Reduce Business Costs and Freeing Up Employee

Other than the efficiency and convenience, an interactive kiosk also helps in reducing business costs and freeing up employees. Before an interactive kiosk existed, humans were needed to provide information to visitors or handling transactions manually. Since there is an interactive kiosk, it takes over those tasks and it helps to free up employees. Easy tasks such as providing directions or product information to customers are handled by interactive kiosks while the employees can fully focus on other tougher works which require their attention.

Besides, an interactive kiosk helps to refrain employees from doing repetitive tasks every day. An employee at the customer service counter does not have to answer the same questions from different visitors all day.

Other than that, it also helps to reduce business costs as the company does not have to hire more workers to assist customers with these simple tasks. Furthermore, an interactive kiosk requires minimal maintenance. It does not consume any ongoing expenses like salary or such. It only needs a power source, and it can work on its own. An interactive kiosk is also durable. Frequent maintenance is not needed.

Wayfinding kiosk


Technology keeps growing each day. Many innovations have brought ease to human life. One of them is the interactive kiosk. This device shall not be doubted and taken for granted without being utilized for its advantages. It even has been made very flexible to the point that it can be custom made to fulfill different customer needs.

Therefore, to whom it may concern, do not miss out on the chances to grab the benefits of using interactive kiosks. You can always consult a specialized kiosk supplier to understand more about interactive kiosks.


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