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Where and Why to Use Indoor LED Display

There are a number of uses and applications of indoor LED display but how to use the LED display at the right place, with the right purpose and with the best size?

Using the correct LED display screen at the right place and with the correct purpose will ensure the effectiveness of the outcome. One will obtain the best result of using indoor LED display when one understands the application. Imagine spending a thousand bucks to use the product without knowing its best application? That will be a painful waste of money and it is frustrating.

Indoor LED display comes with different sizes. Various options of pixel pitch size are available to be chosen but to choose the most accurate size, you must first decide why and where do you want to use the indoor LED Display. The keys to hold when choosing the most suitable Indoor LED Display are, the viewing distance, the size of screen and the resolution to achieve. To simplify, a larger space has a longer viewing distance, so it is suggested to choose a larger screen with larger pixel pitch because it is also cheaper, unless, if you want to achieve higher resolution.

Now, here, we will explore in-depth the applications of the indoor LED display or in simpler words, to explore its functions, where to apply it and the best size for each application.

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Sales Gallery

Indoor LED display can be used in the sales gallery. Sales gallery is usually where a company promotes and sells their products. So, this is when an indoor LED display comes in, to exhibit the product information, to show the introductory video and it also acts as the backdrop of the sales event.

Some may wonder, why should it be an indoor LED screen? The reason is none other than the features and the benefits it offers. Applying an indoor LED display at the sales gallery will increase the engagement from potential buyers. In a sales gallery, a video will be played to show the overall product and with the indoor LED screen, it offers high brightness and rich colors. Indeed, the sales gallery is one of the best applications for indoor LED screen. The best pixel pitch size for sales gallery is P2.5

sales gallery indoor LED display

Hotel Ballroom

Here is another best application of an indoor LED display. As the technology evolves, hotels should take an initiative approach to be more innovative. Visitors visit hotel ballrooms for several reasons, for instance, they go to a hotel ballroom for an event, let it be a business event, wedding ceremony or a family event. When they are choosing a hotel ballroom for their events, many choices will cross their minds. So, it is safe to say that a hotel ballroom that can provide the best solution will most likely be chosen. An LED display screen in a hotel ballroom will be a bonus point. The suitable pixel pitch sizes to choose for hotel ballroom are P2.5, P.30, P4.0, P5.0.

An LED display in a hotel ballroom can act as the stage backdrop or to display dynamic videos and images. Videos and images displayed on the Indoor LED screen will look nice. As known, hotel ballroom is often used for wedding ceremonies and it would be wonderful to apply indoor LED screen to display the bride and the groom or their video. It will be very remarkable! 

Indoor LED Screen Hotel Ballroom

Broadcast TV

Indoor LED displays can also be applied in broadcast and TV stations. The application here is to use as the background. Background of any TV show is very crucial as viewers’ attention will be focused there. Indoor LED display allows the background to be changed in real time for decorative purposes or for information sharing. The live show will not seem boring with the LED Indoor Display applied. If there is no information to be displayed, interesting and eye-catching decorations can be put up on the screen. Viewers will stay engaged all along.

Broadcast Studio - P1.8 LED Display Application


Advertising? Indoor LED screen? How do these two benefit each other? What is the reason to use indoor LED advertising? These may be the questions popping up when it comes to the application of an indoor LED display in advertising.

Here is the answer to brush off the curiosity. Indoor LED screen is used for retail advertising and indoor advertising.  Indoor LED Screen can be used as a way to reduce the printing works. Retail industry uses many printings for the promotions, and it is frequent. With indoor LED screen, no printings have to be done. Everything will be done digitally. Promotions can always be updated within a few clicks, no printing, no hassle. Everything is at the fingertips. Not just that, quality images displayed on the Indoor LED Screen is guaranteed. P2.5, P3.0 and P4.0 will be among the suitable pixel pitch sizes for retail advertising and indoor advertising.

In a nutshell, indoor LED display is one of the best tools to be used in advertising as it shows engaging content, grabs the attention and will reach the audience. An indoor LED screen is an eyecatch to anyone who sees it.

Indoor LED Display Retail Advertising
Application of Indoor LED Display

Building Lobby

Building lobby tends to look boring and plain. In this modern time, it will be very wonderful to see something unique in a building lobby. A new look! This can be done by modernizing your building lobby with our BIG Indoor series LED Screen Display. LED display can be mounted on the wall, column and even ceiling. Many do not know that but yes, our indoor LED screen is capable of those.

Anyone who comes to the lobby will have something to look at, let it be the information or the captivating graphic decorations. It can attract visitors, create some memorable experience for the visitors and it will also add value to the building. P3.0, P4.0, P5.0 are among the suitable pixel pitch sizes for building lobbies.

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Indoor LED display is one of the best innovations in the commercial display industry. It definitely has many to offer and will be a good investment to anyone who purchased. The applications listed up there are not the only applications of the indoor LED screen. It can also be used in a meeting room, in an exhibition center and many more. If you are still not sure of the application, it will not be a problem. Here at Big Screen Media, we are always ready to assist you.

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