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Samsung Micro LED TV: The World’s Best TV in the Coming Years

Micro LED display technology has long been introduced and labelled as the next generation display technology. Despite all the challenges and difficulties in the manufacturing process, the market’s expectations do not decline. The first breakthrough was celebrated with joy when the world’s first mass-produced Micro LED display was introduced by Samsung at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2018). It is none other than the famous Samsung’s The Wall. But Samsung did not stop there.

In December 2020, Samsung launched its first consumer micro LED TV in South Korea – the Samsung’s 110” Micro LED TV. In 2021, the TV product is made available in many countries globally. Unlike its first Micro LED display which revolves around modular micro LED panels and a massive installation, the new Samsung’s Micro LED TV is delivered in the traditional TV form that comes in fixed sizes. The new TV does not require assembly and it is ready out of the box.

The introduction and the launch of Samsung’s Micro LED TV have created a hype that shakes up the TV world. Industry players, technology enthusiasts and consumers are paying extra attention to the innovative Samsung Micro LED TV. Allow us to discuss further and to explore why Samsung Micro LED TV could be the world’s best TV in the coming years.

Samsung Micro LED TV

Image by Samsung Newsroom. [Image source]

What is a Samsung Micro LED TV?

Samsung’s Micro LED TV is a true LED TV that uses the newly developed micro LED display technology. As a consumer, you need to understand that many TV manufacturers and resellers have wrongly promoted LCD TVs as LED TVs for years. While we would not say it is deceiving, we still need to understand that these so-called “LED TVs” are actually LCD TVs with LED backlights. The TVs are using LEDs only as the backlight source that lights up the LCD panels. The core display technology is still the LCD or Liquid Crystal Display.

Unlike LCD TV which requires a backlight, Samsung Micro LED TV is a self-emissive TV. Since every pixel of the micro LED TV is made up of light emitting diodes or LEDs, the TV is able to generate its own light. These tiny pixels can be turned off or on individually, and thus the LED TV offers a deeper range of black level and deeper contrast ratios. It can also provide a more accurate colour representation.

Samsung Micro LED TV is not an ordinary LED TV, and it is definitely different from its closest competitor – the OLED TV. The OLED TV is also a self-emissive LED display that does not require a backlight. It uses the Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology. Both micro LED TV and OLED TV share some common similarities. They do not require backlights, and hence both of them can offer very high contrast and deeper blacks.

Micro LED Display Technology

Image by Samsung Newsroom. [Image source]

The biggest difference is a micro LED TV uses inorganic LEDs that are shrunk down to the microscopic level, while an OLED TV uses organic LEDs. Samsung Micro LED TV produces a higher level of brightness when compared to its competitor, due to its inorganic nature. In addition, the micro LED TV will not suffer from luminance decay issues or burn-in since inorganic LEDs generally last longer. Burn-in is a common risk associated with any display when a series of static images are displayed on the screen for a very long period. Although some OLED TV manufacturers have addressed the issue with protection features, most OLED TVs are still exposed to the risk.

The Features of Samsung Micro LED TV

According to Samsung Malaysia, two sizes of the Samsung Micro LED TV will be made available in Malaysia. There are the 110-inch model with 4K resolution, and the 99-inch model with 8K resolution. While Samsung’s The Wall is also a micro LED display, there is a main difference between The Wall and the new Samsung Micro LED TV. The Wall is installed by stacking multiple micro LED modules together to reach a desired size, and it is mainly to serve for commercial purposes. The Samsung 99” and 110” micro LED TVs are ready-to-go TV displays that are designed to meet consumer needs.

Some of the distinctive features of the Samsung Micro LED TV are:

  1. Micro LED display technology
  2. Ultra-large screen
  3. Majestic Sound System
  4. 99% screen-to-body ratio
  5. Multi View feature
Micro LED Screen Display

Image by Samsung Newsroom. [Image source]

Micro LED Display Technology

The first highlight of the product is definitely the core display technology it uses – the micro LED technology. The micro LED TV uses microscopic light emitting diodes. When LEDs are smaller, the pixel density will be higher. Pixel density measures the number of pixels available per inch of the TV display. A higher pixel density means more details can be displayed on the screen. It will result in clearer images and smoother lines. In short, you will get ultra-high resolution contents with higher image quality.  

Samsung Micro LED TV also displays colourful images with precise highlights, deep black level and rich saturation. Deep black level is very important in determining the contrast ratio. If the black colour cannot be displayed as close as possible to a true black level, it will appear greyish. When the contrast ratio is low, you will lose the sense of depth in your picture. Thus, your picture quality will appear lower.

Besides, unlike OLED TV, the micro LED TV can offer brighter pictures due to its inorganic nature. TV brightness is extremely important in maintaining visibility in a bright room. It can be difficult to view TV content properly when the picture appears dim in a bright room. With a higher level of screen brightness, you are free to place your Samsung Micro LED TV in any room that you prefer.

What’s more, inorganic micro LEDs have longer lifespans. They are durable and long-lasting. Samsung Micro LED TV is truly a beast when it comes to durability. It can last up to 100,000 hours.

Samsung Micro LED TV

Image by Samsung Newsroom. [Image source]

Ultra-large Screen

While the 55 to 65 inch range is the most popular TV sizes for most households, Samsung does not ignore one of its important customer groups – the ultra-large screen enthusiasts. According to Samsung, consumer demand for larger screens has been growing rapidly for the past years. Whether it is gaming or movie watching, consumers have large screen cravings and greatly desire excellent picture quality with stunning resolution.

Samsung Micro LED TV is the perfect television to offer the premium-at-home experience. A 110-inch TV is truly a giant screen. Do you know why film enthusiasts prefer to enjoy watching films at cinemas? It is the giant screen that makes the difference. Movies look the best on large screens.

With the Samsung Micro LED TV, you are enjoying a breathtaking cinema experience right from your couch.

Samsung Micro LED TV

Image by Samsung Newsroom. [Image source]

Majestic Sound System

An outstanding viewing experience is never complete without an immersive audio experience. Samsung Micro LED TV comes with an embedded Majestic Sound System. An embedded sound system means an immersive audio experience is totally possible even without any external speaker.

Samsung Micro LED TV offers 5.1 channel sound with the Object Tracking Sound Pro features. It is a smart feature that can project the sound of a moving object on the screen. It gives a real sound experience that aligns with the moving picture.

99.99% Screen-to-Body Ratio

Samsung Micro LED TV might look large in size, but it is definitely not bulky. In fact, the TV has an immersive design. A screen-to-body ratio of 99.99% means that the screen is the only thing that you will see when you are sitting right in front of the television. We can call this a bezel-less design, where the bezels or the frame borders around the TV screen are removed completely.

A thin bezel or a bezel-less design has been a trend for the past years. Being less is always the right approach for most situations. Larger display room is available by minimizing the bezels. And thus, a larger display room means a bigger screen. Besides, a bezel-less design provides a sleek and a modern look. Delivering the true immersive viewing experience is now possible with the Samsung Micro LED TV.

Bezel vs bezel-less frame

[Bezel frame vs Bezel-less frame.]

Multi View Feature

Samsung Micro LED TV is a smart TV, and it offers some smart features that are commonly found in other Samsung TV models. One of the notable smart features is the Multi view feature. The feature allows viewers to display up to 4 different contents at the same time. Viewers can connect multiple external devices such as smartphones and DVD players.

The feature offers endless possibilities to viewing different contents at the same time. Viewers can choose to watch drama while following real-time news at the same time. Viewers can also keep up with multiple sports events simultaneously. Feel free to split your screen and enjoy watching any content that you like with the Samsung Micro LED TV.

Image by Samsung. [Image source]


At the moment, we would not say confidently that the Samsung Micro LED TV is the world’s best LED TV. However, the micro LED TV shows huge potential. From black levels to brightness and other specifications, Samsung Micro LED TV clearly has the upper hand. When more and more consumers start to adopt the micro LED display technology, Samsung Micro LED TV and its display technology will definitely become game changers for the TV industry. And hopefully, it will also become the world’s best TV in the near future.


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