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All That You Should Know About A Digital Billboard

Many are not familiar with digital billboards, but it’s not their fault. Up till today, we all have usually just seen a traditional billboard. Digital billboards or Outdoor LED billboards are just starting to expand and get recognized. Hence, we are now going to dive in deeper to understand what is a digital billboard, what is the function of it, the installation and many more.

Majlis Bandaraya Seremban (MBS)

What Is A Digital Billboard?

Digital billboards are different from the usual billboards we have seen on the road. The word ‘digital’ itself makes it different from others. A digital billboard displays images digitally and it can be updated by a computer, unlike a traditional billboard which has to be changed physically. It is used mainly for outdoor advertising, but it can also be used for other purposes such as public service announcement.

A digital billboard is known as one of the best tools for outdoor advertising because of its ability to display multiple ads throughout the day. It can be managed easily by a computer and a digital billboard does not just show static ads. Ads can be changed from one to another in just a second.  So, the audience will not get bored by just seeing the same advertisement and automatically, more information is able to be delivered.

Many companies have started to be interested in digital billboards after seeing how effective they are. They can engage and attract more audiences. Humans love to see something interesting and new. Of course, a digital billboard is engaging enough to attract people. What more if a video is displayed. People will be very attracted and end up recognizing the products or the brands advertised.

LED Digital Billboard

The Installation of a Digital Billboard

As for the digital billboard installations, there are a few common installation types. It can be wall-mounted, poled or overhead. The billboard installation depends on the location and the location tends to be a place with high traffic.

At the roadside, it is very common to see a poled billboard when there is enough space for the installation. However, for a location with a limited space area, the billboard will be mounted on the outer wall of the building. As for the overhead installation, this can usually be seen at a pedestrian bridge.

Before installing a digital billboard, one has to make sure that the installation will not cause any obstruction to others. If the digital billboard might block other buildings in the area, it has to be reconsidered and choose another type of suitable installation.

Digital Billboard at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, with P10 Outdoor LED Display

Characteristics of Digital Billboard

So what are the characteristics of a digital billboard that makes it different from others?  Digital billboard is put outdoors. So, being outside, it has to be made of good quality. We select only the best parts and components for our products.

An outdoor LED billboard is made to be weatherproof. This means the digital billboard can work all the time, regardless of the weather condition. Be it rainy, thunder or cloudy. Besides, our digital billboards are IP65 rated and waterproof. They can withstand harsh weather conditions. We have always heard that indoor LED screens are sensitive to water, right? But that’s not the case for outdoor LED screens. IP65 rating provides excellent protection.  Other than that, a digital billboard is also made to be anti-corrosion and moisture-proof. So, it will not get corroded after getting rained on. The printed circuit board (PCB) of the billboard is also fully-coated with conformal coating for anti-corrosion and moisture-proof.

IP Rating Guide - LED Display & Digital Billboard

Not just that, an outdoor LED billboard is also paired with die-cast magnesium alloy panels. This material is also weatherproof and strong. In a nutshell, everything about an outdoor LED billboard is made to be stable, to make sure it will operate reliably 24/7. It is made to be durable and not easily damaged. Thus, the outdoor LED billboard will not easily be wrecked due to any weather conditions.  That is why an outdoor LED billboard can be considered as a reliable long-term investment.

Digital billboard also has a high refresh rate. There will be no horizontal lines all over the screen when the screen is captured using smartphones. The horizontal lines are caused by the low refresh rate of the LED screen. With the high refresh rate driving IC that will drive the LED lamps at a rate of 3,840Hz, anyone can capture the screen using the smartphone camera and will still get a crystal-clear image. The beautifully-captured image can even be shared on social media. The ad exposure is doubled! 


Static Billboard versus Digital Billboard

To understand more about the digital billboard, we will compare it with a static billboard. This way, we can get a clearer view. First of all, we will compare the colour of a static billboard and a digital billboard. The colour of a static billboard is not as nice as a digital billboard. A digital billboard has a high brightness level, so it provides a shaper and a more accurate colour representation of the ads. As for a static billboard, the printed ads’ colour will fade with time. The colour will not be lasting for a long time, and it is not bright enough. Of course, this automatically means that a digital billboard will look more interesting than a static billboard.

Next, the static billboard only supports images format or text format. The content displayed will be limited because it is static. One billboard can only display one ad at a time, but it’s different when it comes to a digital billboard which supports both images and video formats. The ads can be changed anytime by a computer. In other words, it is dynamic. There is no need to put down an old banner and then put up a new one manually. Everything is just within a few seconds. A digital billboard also has a higher conversion rate.

High Brightness vs Low Brightness

High brightness vs low brightness.


Have you ever heard of ‘a modern problem needs a modern solution’? It can be applied in this context, but here we are not talking about a problem. Here it means, in this modern time, we also need a modern approach to get recognized. Everyone has to adapt to the technological changes. It is time for business owners to do so. We are not discarding the traditional approach totally, but we should start considering an advanced approach for better outcomes.  

There are more advantages of installing a digital billboard. By knowing the advantages, one will understand more of its applications and functions.

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