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The Stunning Glasses-free 3D LED Screen

Advertising is getting intrusive. Most ads are shown at the wrong time, and with the wrong messages. Consumers do not hate ads, but they hate bad ads. Time has changed. You do not bombard people with bad ads. A great consumer experience is more than a service or a product. Thus, we believe that an appealing ad or message is the very first step in grabbing consumers’ attention. Have you ever heard of glasses-free 3D LED screen? Take a look at the screen below.

3D LED Display

d’strict “WAVE”. [Source Public Media Art#1 “WAVE”]

How do you feel when you find out that ocean wave is roaring and soaring high on top of a building, right in the middle of a busy city? Pretty impressive, right?

The digital company d’strict has managed to offer a new stunning viewing experience to the world. This well-known advertising screen in Seoul is none other than the glasses-free 3D LED screen. A glasses-free 3D LED screen is an LED display that allows viewers to enjoy 3D video content without wearing any glasses. 3D viewing experience is now publicly accessible. Advertisers can now reach anyone on the streets. Here is another great example of a successful outdoor advertising campaign using the 3D LED screen.

Naked Eye 3D LED Display

LianTronics’ Star Trek. [Source Glasses-Free 3D]

Glasses-free 3D LED Screen

The LED screen is located next to a busy junction in Chengdu with heavy foot and road traffics. The 3D LED screen creates a very strong first impression. Pedestrians are definitely attracted. They are spending time to watch the entire video. Can you see something else beside the massive crowd? People are recording and taking pictures of the visual content, and probably sharing it on the social media too.

Judging from the two great examples, we can list out a few advantages in displaying your message using the glasses-free 3D LED screen.

1. Reaching both offline and online consumers.

You are not only displaying your message to anyone who is physically present near the LED display. When the offline audience shares and discusses your engaging content on social media, you are also reaching the online community indirectly. Ad exposure is definitely doubled!

2. 3D LED screen is an excellent attention grabber.

People just could not afford to miss it especially if this is their first time seeing the stunning 3D content. When you manage to grab the attention, your first step in building awareness is definitely right on track.

3. An innovative way to increase brand awareness.

Tell a good story. Offer a valuable consumer experience. Consumers will be inspired, and they will remember your brand.

4. Clear and stunning visual quality.

In order to create the most impactful 3D content, the LED screen needs to meet several requirements such as high brightness, high dynamic range and high grayscale level.

Guangzhou 3D Curved LED Screen. [Source]

Hardware - The LED Display

Glasses-free 3D LED screen is both an art and science. In order to create a truly immersive 3D content that looks realistic enough, you need to put effort into both hardware and software.

An LED display is 2D in its nature. Video is displayed via the flat panel and it will not create a 3D-look even if the content is a 3D content. In order to achieve the 3D-look, we need to mount two LED screens next to each other at a 90 ° right angle.

A flat LED display always shows a single view of the image only. Since now we have two LED screens mounted next to each other, we can show the front view at the right screen and the left view at the left screen. When a video is playing, users can now see two sides of the image at the same time. Thus, it creates a sense of 3D space as users are looking at an object with more dimensions.

3D LED Screen Technique

Image by d’strict. [Source]

Besides, in order to achieve the best possible 3D effect, the LED display needs to meet some requirements. High brightness is crucial. The screen might look dim during daytime if it is not bright enough. A dim display can affect the video quality badly. Imagine if the roaring ocean wave in Seoul turns greyish during daytime. It will not appear attractive and realistic to you anymore, right?

In order to create a stunning image, the colour needs to be presented in its most accurate form. The LED display needs to support high dynamic range and high playback resolution. It also needs to have higher refresh rate since people will mostly likely record the content using their smart phones. If the refresh rate is not high enough, there will be visible ugly scan lines in the recorded video.

Another important factor that needs to be concerned of is the installation of the LED screen. Since glasses-free 3D LED screen is widely used for outdoor application, it is common that the screen size could go very large. Larger screen means heavier screen. Engineers will need to inspect and determine whether a building’s wall structure is strong enough to support the LED screen. LED screen installation requires careful planning and preparation. 

Pavilion KL’s Golden Bull. [Source Pavilion Kuala Lumpur]

Software – The 3D Content

You will need 3D content to create the stunning 3D-look effect. This is what we have to highlight. Glasses-free 3D LED screen is not a magic display tool that can turn every content into 3D content automatically. We would like to call it an enhancer. It is a tool or a display that can only elevate the 3D viewing experience once you have the right content.

So, where can we look for 3D content? How can we make one? Look for digital media company or post production studio. These are the professional content producers that can help to create the most suitable content for 3D LED screen.

In order to create a 3D effect out from a 2D image, the production studio can use some techniques or tricks. They can play with the size, shadow, distance and perspective to create a sense of 3D depth. A very simple example, look at the square below. It looks flat before the shadow is added. Once there is a shadow, it looks like the square is floating on top of the background. There is a sense of distance between the square and the background.

And of course, the most important values that a production studio can provide are the customization and the creativity. Share your idea with them, and they will help you to present your message in the most creative way possible.


Glasses-free 3D LED screen is a combination of art and technology. Art is how you want to present your message or idea. Technology is the one that helps to make your presentation possible. Creativity is an important aspect in every business. So, if you have a great idea and plan, why not give yourself a chance to utilize the advantages offered by the glasses-free 3D LED screen? Engage and win over customers now!

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