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5 Benefits of Using A Smartboard in the Meeting Room

Meeting is a crucial event for every single modern organization or workplace. Every meeting has its own goal or objective. It is very important that a meeting can produce a useful outcome without wasting anyone’s precious time. It is common for organizations to use some tools such as projectors and whiteboards in facilitating the meetings. However, as technology advances, these tools are on the verge of being outdated. They have some disadvantages that will affect the effectiveness of a meeting. A smartboard or a smart interactive panel is definitely one of the best alternatives in the market. Today, smartboard is more capable, and it is able to provide a better meeting or conference solution. Here are some advantages when you utilize the smartboard technology in your conference or meeting room.

Smartboard In The Meeting Room - Benefits

1. Interactivity Improves Engagement

Enhanced interactivity is definitely one of the greatest advantages of a smartboard. It is more than a high-resolution display panel. Users can interact with the panel using their fingers or the smart pen. They can write or draw directly on the screen, and thus it allows them to share their ideas or opinions in an effective and engaging way.

In order to ensure a truly effective meeting, participants or team members need to stay engaged. They can lose attention easily if the meeting is nothing more than a talking head or a passive PowerPoint presentation. Since the smartboard allows both presenters and participants to write or draw on the screen, the focus is now shifted to the participants. Everyone is taking part and contributes to the meeting actively. It is now a two-way communication with constructive feedback.

Smartboard In The Meeting Room

2. Easier Information Sharing & Communication

Everyone has ideas. No matter they are crazy or brilliant, every single idea should be shared and discussed, especially in a meeting. However, not everyone has the ability to visualize an idea. If an idea could not be visualized, it could go wasted even though it may have potential.

Some participants might find it hard to explain their ideas in plain words. Using smartboard can help to solve the problem. Since it supports various media format, participants can choose to share their ideas or information by using images, videos, infographics, charts or animation. A meeting could turn productive and effective, only when everyone is on the same page and understands each other.

3. Flexible Connection Options

Interconnectivity is one of the most important factors to take concern of when buying a display product. Today, people use gadgets or mobile devices in their daily tasks. Smart phones and computers are essential parts of our lives. Smartboard has a wide range of interconnectivity and data sharing. It provides various connection options such as USB2.0, USB3.0, HDMI and Bluetooth. Versatile connectivity allows us to connect the interactive board to most smart devices in the market such as laptops, Android phones and Apple devices. The technology integration helps to simplify our tasks in setting up a smooth-running meeting.

Interactive Smartboard - Screen Mirroring

4. Run Your Meeting Without Delay

Remember the days when you were using projectors in your classroom or meeting room? Did you need to adjust and tweak the focus lens of a projector every time before a presentation? Did you need to spend time to look for the right cable, and to connect your laptop to the projector? Did you find that the colour of the projected image was not accurate, and you had no idea whether it was an aging lamp or the signal cable? And when you have finally set up the projector successfully, you found the room was not dark enough.

Traditional meeting tools such as projector and whiteboard have disadvantages that could ruin a meeting experience. Projector setup is time-consuming. Preparing an inked marker pen is not convenient. Time is money and a meeting that is starting on time is extremely important.

Smartboard is a ready-to-go display. Switch on the power button and you can start to enjoy its features without any time delay. Some interactive boards even support wireless screen sharing. Users do not need to connect smartboard to their devices using physical connection cables. Besides, most smartboards in the market are equipped with a wide range of business software and applications. You can run an effortless meeting with all these built-in features.

Smartboard in The Meeting Room

5. A Cost-Effective Solution

Some might argue that smartboard is expensive. It is true that the product is expensive, only when you are looking at it from a short-term perspective. It is indeed a valuable investment over a longer period. First, smartboard requires a very minimal maintenance. When you replace your projector with a smartboard, the maintenance cost can be reduced greatly. This is because a projector needs frequent maintenance – from replacing the lamp bulb to cleaning the filter.

Second, smartboard can help to eliminate the cost of decreased productivity. When your meeting is not running smoothly due to an inefficient system, the productivity is greatly affected. Things like time delay and bad viewing experience might look like small expenses, but small things add up. These small expenses will eventually cost a huge amount over a long term.


When all the advantages mentioned above are added together, smartboard helps to produce meaningful meeting outcomes. A meaningful meeting is a meeting that has trackable outcomes. It is also a meeting that worth everyone’s time. When you have constructive outcomes, business decisions can be made quickly.  

In order to stay competitive, business must embrace innovation. Using an interactive smartboard in the meeting room is definitely one of the most prominent approaches that every business should look into. It is a great display to ensure a better communication and to improve business productivity. Interactive experience is the future. Act now, today!

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