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San Francisco’s first-ever Full Outdoor LED Display at Chase Center

Since September 2019, Chase Center has become the new home ground for the Golden State Warriors, an NBA basketball team that is based in the city of San Francisco. Thanks to the dynasty built and the championships titles won by the Warriors and Stephen Curry in 2015, 2017, and 2018, the relocation of the home stadium was the biggest news at that time. It has even sparked heated debates among Oakland locals who felt a sense of betrayal when their beloved team was leaving. The team had played for 47 years at Oracle Arena in Oakland and everyone from the town is a fan!  

It is clear that Golden State Warriors and Stephen Curry have created a new era for the NBA, and they are still making history, even today! Their successful franchise has made Chase Center an arena that is worth to be talked about for years.

However, as an expert in the field of LED displays, we are not going to talk deeply about NBA or basketball today. We are going to talk about San Francisco’s first-ever Outdoor LED Display that is installed at the west entrance of the Chase Center.

San Francisco first-ever Outdoor Digital Billboard at Chase Center

Why Chase Center Is So Special

Chase Center is more than just a home stadium to one of the world’s most famous basketball teams. It is a state-of-the-art entertainment hub that can provide incredible experiences to both basketball fans and the local community.

Thrive City, a community gathering space that consists of retail stores, restaurants, and a public plaza is also created by the Golden State Warriors around Chase Center. This is a truly inspirational concept that can promote the ideas of wellness and health to the local people and the workers in the surrounding areas. In fact, the very first ever Outdoor LED Display in San Francisco is greatly related to this exciting concept.

Another fact that makes Chase Center so special is its collaboration with Samsung Electronics America in providing the best possible digital display experiences to the stadium fans. The collaboration does not involve only one or two giant LED screens, but more than 60 LED displays and thousands of Samsung TVs! 

Chase Center - Home ground for Golden State Warriors

Why Chase Center’s Outdoor LED Display Is So Special

While there are many interesting LED displays such as the center-hung jumbotron (scoreboard) at the court and the fine-pitch LED walls at the main concourse, we strongly think that we should talk more about the Outdoor LED Display that is facing the public plaza.

The outdoor LED display has an uncommon trapezoidal shape with a height of 74 feet and a width of 42 feet. The giant LED screen has a pixel pitch of 10mm, and its total number of pixels reaches a whopping 2,190,336!

The public area in front of the LED display can accommodate an audience size of 1,000. With a total screen size of 3,108 square feet, everyone in the area can view the screen content clearly without any obstacles. The screen will be used to display Warriors content, advertising messages, and community content. It can also be used to broadcast live feeds and games for fans who do not have tickets.

Here comes the most interesting part. San Francisco is a city of opportunities. Thanks to its proximity to Silicon Valley, the city is considered one of the richest cities in the world. But why Chase Center’s Outdoor LED Display is the first-ever full outdoor LED display in San Francisco? Why has nobody ever invested in an outdoor LED display previously? 

Due to the regulations imposed by the local authority prohibiting the installation of outdoor digital billboards, one would never find a digital billboard in San Francisco previously. To make the project possible, the Warriors organization discussed and negotiated an agreement with the local authority. The organization promises that the outdoor LED display will be used for the ultimate benefit of the local community.

To fulfill its promises, the outdoor LED display is not only used for Warriors content. In the past years, Chase Center had displayed various games of the US Open and other sports events on the screen. Besides, the screen is also used to tell stories about the local community, homelessness, children’s groups, and artists. Different artists were also brought to decorate the area around Chase Center via the Sports and The Arts (SATA) program.

Chase Center - Home ground for Golden State Warriors
Image by Chase Center. [Image source]


Chase Center is a perfect example of how digital displays can be used to hype up the fans during the game. The outdoor LED display is also a very meaningful innovation to benefit both the Warriors franchise and the local community. With the fourth NBA title in eight seasons and the first ever Finals MVP won by Steph Curry in 2022, we can’t wait to see how the Warriors and Chase Center can keep making history and putting their efforts into engaging and enlightening the local basketball enthusiasts.  

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