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What Is An Ultra-light Outdoor LED Display

Due to the increased preferences for digital-out-of-home (DOOH), the global outdoor LED display market is growing rapidly. There are various models or types of outdoor LED displays in the market. When it comes to choosing the right outdoor display, being weatherproof is important. However, the weight of the outdoor LED screen should be a matter of concern too. Weight can complicate the installation and the calculation of the structural load.

Outdoor LED Screen

Ultra-light Outdoor LED Screen

To tackle the weight issue, many LED screen manufacturers have introduced various lightweight LED panels and products to the market. Most ordinary LED screens can weigh between 25 and 35kg per square metre. As the outdoor display gets larger, it can get very heavy. As a result, there will be limitations to the screen size that a building or a structure can carry. Even if the structure can sustain the weight of the display, a heavier display means higher installation costs and more difficulties.

An ultra-light outdoor LED screen is a lightweight LED panel that is designed for outdoor use. Most lightweight LED panels weigh less than 22kg per square metre. Although these panels are lighter than ordinary panels, they are still durable and can resist extreme weather conditions. 

A South Korean manufacturer’s ultra-light series provides four different LED modules with pixel pitches of 6.9mm and 10mm. The weights of these products are between 18.5 and 21.2kg per square metre. The lightweight design makes both roof and ceiling installations possible since it puts less pressure on the structural load.

On the other hand, a China manufacturer also launches its new lightweight series in May 2022. Weighing only 17kg per square metre, this breakthrough innovation shocks the market. While an ultra-light design is achieved, the outdoor LED screen can still be able to provide excellent visual and outdoor performances without making any compromises.

Digital Billboard at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, with P10 Outdoor LED Display

Benefits of Using Ultra-light Outdoor LED Screen

Lighter LED screens can smoothen almost every task. From shipment to loading and installation, the workload can be reduced greatly. When the workload is lesser, the costs involved will be decreased too. On the other hand, lighter LED screens also reduce the rate of accidents. Safety at the installation site can be enhanced greatly.

Besides, there are many installation methods available for outdoor LED displays, such as poles, roof-top, building façade, and ceiling-hung installation. To provide a readable viewing experience with a long viewing distance, an outdoor LED display is generally very large. When the screen size is large, more LED modules or cabinets need to be installed. As a result, the whole installation can get very heavy.

Installation of a digital billboard or an outdoor display requires a precise load calculation. If it exceeds the maximum load capacity of a structure or a building wall, the total weight of the installation has to be decreased by reducing the screen size. However, if ultra-light LED screens are used, the desired screen size can be maintained or go even larger.

While lightweight LED screens can bring many benefits to the installation, they can also provide meaningful advantages to the service and maintenance. Removing or disassembling lightweight LED modules is relatively easier when compared to LED modules with normal weights. Besides, it is also easier and safer to move the LED modules around when working at heights.


Ultra-light LED screen is going to be the next big thing especially when it comes to digital out-of-home. Lighter weight means greater flexibility. LED display providers can propose solutions that are more creative to help businesses in achieving the goals they want. Screen sizes and installation methods are no longer limitations.


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