Top 10 Digital Signage Content Ideas For Retail Store

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The retail industry is highly competitive. To drive walk-in traffic, retail store owners are competing to capture attention. Retailers have been using traditional display tools for years, such as banners, posters, and signboards. However, as we enter the era of digitalization, retailers quickly realize the limitations of traditional tools. These tools are no longer interesting enough to attract customers.

Today, retailers are adopting technology in their businesses. Digital signage is one of the popular choices among retailers. It is an effective tool in relaying relevant and engaging messages to the target audience. It is said that digital signages get more views and a higher recall rate when compared to traditional displays.  

While retailers have been investing heavily in both hardware and software, using digital signage does not guarantee success in the retail business. What a retailer needs is a content strategy. Digital content plays the most important role in communicating the brand value and achieving the business goal.

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 digital signage content ideas for retail store owners. This article will give you a little creative boost to spark your imagination.

Top 10 Digital Signage Content Ideas For Retail Store

Here’s a list of different types of digital content that retailers can display in their stores:

  1. Product Images and Information
  2. Product Demonstration
  3. Testimonials
  4. Reviews
  5. Guide and Tips
  6. Promotion and Special Offers
  7. Social Media Content
  8. Company or Brand Story
  9. Contest and Upcoming Events
  10. Company News and Announcement

1. Product Images & Information

The goal of a brick-and-mortar business is to offer services or products to its customers. Product is the center of a retail business. Whether it is a tangible product such as a lamp and a book, or an intangible product such as a piece of software and a travel package, the product quality needs to be good. The product needs to be able to satisfy a customer’s need. However, no matter how good your product is, your business will fail if your customers do not aware of the product.

Retailers should always use their digital signages to showcase their products. The digital signage can be installed at the storefront to attract passers-by. Show the most interesting possible images with your digital window display.

The storefront’s digital signage says about your business. Grab this opportunity to tell your potential customers what you are offering and why they should visit your store. Get creative with your product images and descriptions. Create content that resonates and invite people to visit your store.

Product Image

2. Product Demonstration

Your customer journey does not stop at the awareness stage. Once you have grabbed passers-by’s attention, you can show product demonstration via your in-store digital signage.

A product demonstration is a video content where the product is introduced and demonstrated to customers. Tell your customers how to use the product. Explain the benefits of using the product. The video can help to build customer interest and ultimately help customers to make purchase decisions.

Displaying a product demo video via digital signage can also help businesses to free up employee time. Retail assistants do not need to carry out the demonstration every time when there is a new walk-in customer. They can focus their attention on more important tasks. They can spend more time in customer service.

Digital Signage Content - Product Demo

3. Testimonials

To further encourage purchase behaviour, testimonial plays a very crucial role. A testimonial is a spoken or written statement that talks about the values of a service or product. Testimonials are provided by customers after using the product or service. Testimonials tell detailed stories of customer experience and explain how the product helped the customers to solve their problems or needs.

Retailers should display testimonials in their stores to establish credibility. Testimonial is a type of social proof. It provides evidence that your product or service is good enough to satisfy customers. Potential customers are not convinced when there is no testimonial. They will feel unsure about your products.

Testimonial can be more influential than other digital content if it is used effectively.

4. Reviews

A review is different from a testimonial. Review is a shorter statement that tells about the customer experience when using the product or service offered. It is provided by the customer to third-party review sites such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Yelp.

Since reviews are not delivered directly to the company or store, they can be negative or positive. These honest voices are important in helping potential customers to make considerations. They want to know how well a product works before proceeding to purchase it.

Retailers should not be afraid of negative reviews. Show both positive and negative reviews as it helps to build credibility. Without any negative reviews, it might seem too good to be true and it can scare your customers away.

5. Guide and Tips

Retailers should always use their digital signages to display useful guides and tips of using the products offered. If your customers do not understand how your product works, they will never purchase your product. Customers do not care about how good the product features are. What matters the most is how can the product help them to solve problems.

Remember to produce interesting videos or images. You will never want to display a dull user guide directly on your digital screen. Help your customers to learn about the product in the easiest way.

Tips Content

6. Promotions and Special Offers

Running a promotion? Offering a special deal that your customers just can’t miss? Then show them!

Digital signage is an effective tool in announcing your in-store promotion. Use an interesting promotional message to inform and attract your in-store customers. Encourage them to take the offers by showing them how good the promotions are.

Digital Signage For Retailers

7. Social Media Content

Displaying social media content via digital signage is one of the latest trends in the retail industry. Retailers have started to realize the importance of engaging their customers with interesting social media content.

Businesses can use both user-generated content and their own content in establishing their online reputation. User-generated content refers to social media content or any material that is posted by customers and followers online.  

The best part of user-generated content is that it is generally a free form of marketing. Your customers or brand community help your business to create interesting content. Since user-generated content is honest and authentic, it can leave a greater impact in affecting your customers’ behaviour.

Remember to show your social media QR code or URL with your digital signage. Encourage in-store customers to follow your business online. Establish great customer relationships by connecting with your customers via social media.

Social Media Content with QR code

8. Company or Brand Story

Highlighting your product is not the only communication way. Communication via digital signage can achieve more than that. Have you ever tried to incorporate a brand story in your digital signage campaign?

There are times when customers want to know who you are first before putting trust in your product. Your digital signage content reflects your brand. From the colour application to the tone and manner, the way you relay your messages will help your customers in judging whether your brand is trustworthy.

Beside of talking about how great your product is, how about tell some customer stories? How about give a glimpse to the customers of what your company has done in the past? If your company is doing some corporate social responsibility for the community, show it.

A great brand with a good reputation will definitely attract the customers’ attention with a little push of an interesting brand story.

Brand Story

9. Contests and Upcoming Events

Increase customer engagement with contests. Announce your business’s upcoming events and contests using digital signage. Display your store’s event schedule on the screen can be convenient for your customers too since it can help them to plan earlier.

Show some photos of your previous events to heighten customer interest. Invite your customers to attend the store events and grab the opportunity to foster interaction.  

Digital Signage Content - Sales Promotion

10. Company News and Announcements

Displaying announcements and recent news with digital signage can improve communication greatly. Make sure your customers are informed all the time. If you need to make arrangements for your operating hour, inform your customers by using digital signage.

Besides, it is faster and easier to update news with digital signage. By displaying the announcement digitally, it can also help retailers to save the printing cost.


Digital signage can do much more. With the right hardware and content strategy, retailers can utilize their creativity to its full potential in delivering the most engaging messages to their audiences. We hope this article can provide you with some ideas and encourage you to discover possibilities with digital signage

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