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Top Retailers That Use Retail LED Displays in Malaysia

Retailers have been facing numerous challenges in the ever-changing retail industry. The emergence of online shopping has forever changed consumers’ shopping behaviours. While some retailers made a permanent shift to online business, there are still many companies that believe in the potential of keeping both offline and online presence. Offline shopping can offer shopping experiences and excitements that online stores can never compete with.

When it comes to retail stores, a decent amount of walk-in traffic is important. In the old days, retail stores used traditional displays such as promotional posters, buntings, and signage boards to attract customers. Today, since people are no longer attracted to static and boring traditional displays, more and more retail businesses are turning to using LED displays in driving traffic and engaging their in-store customers.

In this article, we look at the top retail companies that use retail LED screens in their businesses.

1. ELLE Malaysia

Founded in 1945, ELLE started as a fashion magazine – a magazine for women, run by a woman. The founder Hélène Lazareff wanted to open women’s minds by providing them with knowledge and access to the beauty and fashion industries.

Today, ELLE is more than a magazine. It is now a global well-known brand with a large fashion magazine network and a wide range of ready-to-wear collections. In Malaysia, ELLE has multiple clothing stores that offer products such as outerwear, luggage, handbags, watches, apparel, eyewear, and accessories.

The ELLE clothing store at Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands installs a P2.5 Indoor LED Display to tell its brand story via a more dynamic approach. The LED screen can be used to display various digital media formats such as images, videos, and animations.

Unlike traditional advertising displays, the LED screen can offer sharper visuals with vibrant colours. This can help to engage in-store customers, and thus drive them to make purchases in the store.

Retail LED Display at ELLE store
Retail LED Display at ELLE store

2. IT SEA Holdings Sdn. Bhd. (AAPE By A Bathing Ape)

In 2012, the top Japanese clothing brand BAPE launched AAPE by A Bathing Ape. As a secondary line to its parent label, AAPE provides streetwear options with pop culture references. As an eye-catching brand, AAPE offers urban collections such as jackets, trousers, socks, and funky pants.

In December 2021, the first AAPE store has opened its door to the public at Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur. When customers walk into the store, they will be greeted immediately with a total of 28 LED screen pillars. The LED screens can be used to display animated AAPE logos and graphics. These small yet vibrant displays can improve the store interiors and thus attract more customers.

Retail LED Screen at AAPE store

3. Groupe SEB Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (Tefal)

In Malaysia, Groupe SEB Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. owns the Tefal brand, one of the world’s top kitchen appliances brands. Tefal’s wide range of products includes pans, pots, knives, kitchen tools, rice cookers, food steamers, and pressure cookers.

Unlike most retail stores that use rectangular LED displays that are constructed of multiple LED modules, the Tefal store at Sunway Pyramid chose to install a G3.9 Transparent LED screen. The transparent LED display looks more like a “curtain display” than a “wall display”. It is commonly installed on the store windows and building walls.

As one of the most revolutionary products in the industry, the transparent LED display is also known as a “see-through display”. It breaks the tradition of a digital display by allowing customers to also view whatever lies behind the display in addition to the screen content. The extraordinary display can thus attract more walk-in customers due to its unique characteristics.

Company Uses LED Screen - Tefal

4. Nike Malaysia

As one of the world’s most iconic brands, Nike is a hero that needs no introduction. As a top sportswear brand that aims to inspire the world’s athletes, Nike offers a variety of shoe and wear products for various sports activities, such as basketball, baseball, tennis, running, football, and golf.

In Malaysia, Nike stores can be found in most retail malls and commercial hubs. There are also hundreds of resellers or sportswear stores that sell Nike products all around the country. With a massive customer base and millions of marketing and operating budgets, Nike Malaysia has been putting effort constantly into its store operations and marketing campaigns.

In early 2021, the Nike store at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur was closed for renovation. One of the store designs that the retailer looked into was the implementation of LED displays. When the store is opened again for business in November 2021, customers are surprised to find the two P3 Pillar LED screens in the store. The LED screen pillars have an uncommon yet interesting shape. They can be used to display promotional videos to engage in-store customers.

Besides, there are also two LED tickers in the store. The LED ticker at the store entrance is used to display a welcome message. On the other hand, the LED ticker at the payment counter is used to display promotional messages.    

Retail LED Display at Nike store
LED tickers at Nike store

5. SOGO (K.L.) Department Store Sdn. Bhd.

Located strategically in the heart of the capital city Kuala Lumpur, Kompleks SOGO is one of the city’s most famous and historical shopping malls. The complex runs the SOGO KL department store in the mall and has been offering a wide range of products that cater to the needs of shoppers.

Promotions and sales campaigns are some of the most important factors that contribute to the success of a department store. As a result, SOGO KL decided to install a P3 Indoor LED display at the payment counters. The LED display has a screen size of 3.072m x 0.576m. It is mainly used to display promotional messages to inform queuing customers about any ongoing events or promotions.

Retail LED Display at SOGO KL

6. UA Sports Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (Under Armour)

For years, Under Armour has been telling stories of hard work, grit, and the will to find a way. As one of the world’s biggest sportswear brands, Under Armour achieved a whopping $5.683B annual revenue in 2021.

Everyone is connected at Under Armour. The company aims to provide various performance solutions to help their customers to become better. Some of the products are sportswear, running shoes, basketball shoes, and sports accessories.

In Malaysia, Under Armour retail stores can be found at most shopping malls in Klang Valley. The Under Armour store at KLCC has installed a large P3 LED screen at its storefront. The display has an enormous screen size of 8.26m x 2.1m. The large screen is very effective in attracting walk-in traffic. Besides, the Under Armour store at Pavilion KL has also installed two large LED screens at its storefront.

Retail LED display has wide applications and can be customized to meet different business requirements. The Under Armour store at Mid Valley Megamall turns to the ceiling LED screen. Unlike other stores which install LED displays on walls, the ceiling LED screen is hung high up in the store. It helps to elevate the shopping experience to a higher level. In-store customers will be attracted by this unique and beautiful display.

Under Armour Pavilion use LED Screen
Retail LED Screen at Storefront
Under Armour Mid Valley use LED Screen

7. Lacoste Malaysia

Founded in 1933 by the legendary tennis player René Lacoste, Lacoste is a French company that sells various clothing products and accessories, such as polo shirts, footwear, sportswear, watches, and perfume. The Lacoste brand is best known for its iconic green crocodile logo. Sports enthusiasts and journalists had been calling René Lacoste “The Crocodile” due to his dominating performance in tennis games.

The Lacoste store at Sunway Pyramid installs a P2.5 LED display. The retail LED display has a pixel pitch of 2.5mm. It is one of the most suitable pixel pitches for indoor retail applications.

LED screen is modular. Since an LED display is constructed of multiple smaller LED modules, it is possible to build an LED screen with any desired shape and size.

Indoor LED Screen at Lacoste retail store

8. VOIR Group of Companies

As a local company that aims to become a premier global retail and fashion enterprise, VOIR Group has been actively promoting products and services that fulfil customers’ needs. Founded in the late 1970s, the VOIR brand has expanded to various product lines over years, such as ladies’ apparel, casual apparel, shoes, inner wear, and accessories.

The retail environments outside of Klang Valley are also very competitive. As one of the biggest shopping malls in the southern Malaysia state of Johor, the mall welcomes both local and Singaporean visitors every day. To attract walk-in traffic more effectively, the VOIR Gallery at Mid Valley Megamall Johor Bahru installs two P3 retail LED screens at its storefront.

Retail LED display is a form of digital display. In addition to its ability to display digital content, content publishing and management are also easier and more convenient when compared to traditional displays. With only a few mouse clicks, the retailer can update and change their content anytime.

Retail LED Screen at VOIR Gallery


The retail industry is extremely challenging. Retailers have to adapt to the ever-changing consumer expectations and trends. They have to be able to react quickly. Using retail LED displays can help to engage customers effectively and thus provide a memorable shopping experience. Only when customers are satisfied, retail companies can expect to grow and thrive in this highly-competitive environment.


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