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What Is A Smartboard

Smartboard, sounds familiar. But what is a smartboard? In fact, many are confused with the word ‘smartboard’. For them, all boards are like the whiteboard they’ve seen in a classroom.

NO, a smartboard is not just any board. It is more than just a board. It is beyond that. With a smartboard or an interactive smartboard, there will be interactive experiences. By the end of the article, you will understand why. Stay tuned!

Smartboard Applications

Smartboard is a great alternative to a whiteboard. In this 21st century, a whiteboard is already outdated. So, it is saddening that many are still clueless about the smartboard’s existence. Smartboard is an interactive board, equipped with technology. It comes with several amazing features. Among the features of a smartboard are touch recognition, multi-touch technology, interconnection, and camera. However, as for the camera, not all smartboards will have a built-in camera. If that is the case, a camera can be attached separately to the smartboard.

Well, just like its name, ‘smartboard’, this board is very smart. It even supports Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Team Conference Apps. You may wonder what if it supports Zoom and Google Meet. You will get the answer when we are going to explore the uses of the smartboard.

Most interactive smartboards in the market have various sizes ranging from 55″ to 98”. One can go for the 98” screen size if they need a big screen and vice versa. The screen size shall be chosen based on the application. The principle is easy. The bigger the space, the bigger the screen size.

The Functions of A Smartboard

Smartboard is a multi-function board, which means it is not just limited to one function at one time.

It can be used as an interactive board where people write and draw on, using the pen provided. This is the most basic function of the smartboard, but it definitely gives the user a different vibe when writing using the pen. It is way easier than using markers that have to be refilled. It can be bothersome to keep on buying or refilling the markers.

Sometimes, the markers would stain users’ hands or clothes. This will make users look unprofessional and unsmart.  Smartboard helps users to erase their worries and look professional during any meeting. The pen also gives natural writing experience.

Smartboard In The Meeting Room

Besides that, with its ability to support Zoom and other apps, a smartboard can also be used for a conference video call. As mentioned, some smartboards will have built-in cameras. However, as for the smartboards with no built-in cameras, it will not be a big deal. All you have to do is, to install or plug in a camera to the smartboard.

Distance will not be an issue for any meetings with the smartboard. Anyone can join in the meeting via Zoom or Google Meet.

Given the pandemic now, a smartboard will be of help. We are not allowed to travel interstate or out of the country. With the smartboard, a discussion with distant clients is possible.

Moreover, ‘working from home’ is already a phenomenon in the country. The large screen of the smartboard is more convenient for video conferencing. The people in the conference call can also see clearly what is displayed on your device if ‘share screen’ is enabled.

Smart Interactive Panel Conference

Yes, ‘share screen’ is available with a smartboard. It sounds like a computer, right? Here is what we can say, killing two birds with one stone. Get a smartboard and you will get both a whiteboard and a computer.

It is easy to share a screen with a smartboard. It is only a few clicks away. If there is a video conference going on and you have something to present, you can just share your phone screen with them. Everyone can look at the contents shared. All you have to do is to connect your phone to the smartboard and the screen will be shared. Easy!

Smartboard provides versatile connection options. A smartphone, a laptop, or a tablet can be connected to the smartboard easily.

Smartboard in The Meeting Room

Smartboard in The Education Sector

For educational purposes, it would be so amazing to have teachers or tutors from other countries or states to join in a lecture session. This can be done with the smartboard or the smart interactive panel. The tutors can join in via video calls. A pre-recorded video can also be played during the class. A whiteboard does not have such ability.

With a smart interactive panel or a smartboard in a classroom, it will enhance interactive learning. Students will have active roles during the class because many can be done with the smartboard. They can do a presentation, watch tutorial videos, touch or draw on the screen. Teachers will not be the only people to do the talking during the class.

Other than that, a smartboard will also be functioning as the replacement for a projector screen. Videos, images, or presentation slides can be displayed on a smartboard now. A smartboard will display better-quality images, videos, and slides. Yes, you would think, why would you spend money to buy a smartboard for that when there is already a projector screen? It is because, with the smartboard, the process will be smoother and there will be no time delay. Furthermore, smartboard’s display screen is brighter, and it requires less maintenance.

Users can even interact with their content. They can highlight or underline their content during a presentation. Besides, the smartboard is easier to set up.

Smart interactive panels for schools

During a presentation or a discussion, you may have some points to add or to be jot down. With a smartboard, you can do it anytime and there is no need to delete them. Smartboard allows the notes to be saved or printed. Let say, you drew a mind map during a brainstorming session. It can be saved and looked back!

A smartboard can also work as a tool for teachers or students to access online references. Again, this will enhance the interactive learning experience. Students will be more motivated to learn when the class is not boring. Students will no longer have to stare at the whiteboards all day.  They can have educational games or online workshops. Many more are possible depending on the creativity.

Usually, teachers and students must go to the computer lab or bring their own laptops to access online references. With a smartboard, there is no need to do so. With just one screen, everyone can look at the online reference together.

In the scenario where a teacher wants to show the students graphs or charts, there is no need to draw one. The teacher can just look it up online and present it to the whole class. The interactive learning process will be limitless with the interactive smartboard.

To conclude the functions of a smartboard, it has many uses. It can be a whiteboard, a projector screen, or an alternative to a computer in a meeting. 

The Applications of A Smartboard

Here is the list of where a smartboard is best to be put and to be used:

  1. Classroom
  2. Meeting room
  3. Medical consultation hall
  4. Tuition center

This is just a list of where it is usually used. However, a smartboard is not just restricted to these places. It can be anywhere you want it to be.


It is undeniable that a smartboard would cost more than a whiteboard. However, it is about time for us to look at it from a long term perspective. Years will pass by. Technology keeps on advancing. For us, for business, and for schools to get productive outcomes, we have to start by upgrading the tools we are using. We are in 2021 so we should not keep on relying on a tool that was invented years ago. It is outdated and could not satisfy the needs we have today.

All you need is a smartboard and you will get a whiteboard, a projector screen, a good alternative for computers and many more. It will be worth it!

We have answered what is a smartboard but rest assured. It is okay to have some doubts. Hence, do not hesitate to read more about the smartboard on our website and reach out to us for any questions.

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