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What exactly is Micro LED?

With the introduction of Micro LED technology for the past few years, we are entering a new era of outstanding viewing experience. The technology has brought a revolution in LED screen display. 

However, many people, including both consumers and business owners, still do not understand the significance of the Micro LED technology or Micro LED display.

So, why Micro LED technology is being crowned by big brands in the market?

Outdoor LED screen display.

Fine Pitch LED

In order to answer what exactly is Micro LED, we need to look at one of the main characters in the LED screen display industry. We believe many have heard of Fine Pitch LED.

Fine Pitch LED is a beast. LED display has greater advantages in both brightness and color when compared to the LCD display. There is no lack of innovation in the business. The pixel pitch is getting smaller. LEDs are getting closer. Fine Pitch LED technology managed to introduce pixel pitch that is lower than 2.5mm, and lower pixel pitch means a higher resolution.

The introduction of the Fine Pitch LED gave the traditional LCD display market a huge hit. According to
Absolute Reports (2019), global Fine Pitch LED display market had a market value of about US$ 1.1 billion in 2019, and it is estimated to reach US$ 3.19 billion in 2024. Fine Pitch LED is still well received by the public today, even though Micro LED has been introduced to the market.

Although Fine Pitch LED has many advantages, the cost could get hefty, especially for products below P1.2. Fine Pitch LED is mainly used for commercial applications currently. In order to tackle the consumer market, which has a higher expectation in smaller pixel pitch, the industry has thus introduced the Micro LED technology. 

Micro LED

Micro LED displays offer a lot of advantages. A wider color gamut than conventional LED displays, deeper black level, and much lower power consumption. However, there is a critical technical bottleneck that the industry players need to solve. The production of Micro LED is very challenging due to the mass transfer process for Micro LED displays.

The production involves the transferring of Micro LED units onto a backplane substrate. The transfer process needs a very high degree of precision. Current transfer methods are not cost effective for mass production. Big players in the market need to work constantly to tackle the challenge and to reduce the production cost.

Micro LED screen display.

Nevertheless, Micro LED is a very hot topic in the industry nowadays. There are many big Micro LED players such as Apple, Sony, Samsung, Oculus and LG. The technology has penetrated the smart watch market successfully. We believe it will continue to make its large move into the smart phone market and the TV display market in 2021. 

First Mass-Produced Micro LED Display

In 2018, Samsung introduced the world’s first mass-produced Micro LED display at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2018). According to Samsung, Samsung’s The Wall is more than a Micro LED TV. The Wall is a Micro LED Display that comes with the ability to customize its size and design. The modular formation of The Wall is the key. We can customize the design according to our needs. There is no screen format limitation.

Besides, The Wall comes with a great look. No matter it is for business or luxury living, The Wall is a beautiful piece suitable for any environment, such as residence, trendy gallery, museum, and a building lobby.

In terms of the technology advancements, Samsung’s The Wall has eliminated the need for backlight due to its Micro LED technology. It can also deliver the purest black in all environments.

Micro LED Display Malaysia. Samsung's the wall.

Future of Micro LED

There are a lot of possibilities in Micro LED technology. It is true that the production challenge is a big issue that big players need to solve. However, it is totally worth to take the risk. In the end, no matter you are a business owner or a consumer, we cannot ignore the fact that Micro LED has a lot of huge advantages, especially when compared to the traditional LCD displays.

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