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Digital Signage Is Not Useless: 6 Reasons Why Your Digital Signage Campaign Fails

Many organizations or businesses were excited and being too optimistic when they chose to install digital signages in the first place. While digital signages are very effective in reaching target audiences, did you ask yourself whether you are implementing the displays in the right ways?

Just using digital signages does not guarantee a successful digital signage campaign automatically. Whether you are trying to communicate with customers or within your organization, it is important to plan well ahead and avoid some of the most common mistakes that could hinder the performance of your digital signage campaign.

Reasons Why Digital Signage Campaign Fails

Here are the 6 main reasons why your digital signage campaign fails.

  1. Incorrect Display Location
  2. Bad Screen Readability
  3. Ignoring Maintenance
  4. Not Understanding Your Audience
  5. Boring & Repetitive Content
  6. Failing to Utilize the Full Capability

1. Incorrect Display Location

Your digital signage campaign will be a total failure if people cannot view, see, or even find your digital signages. This may sound common sense to you but trust me, many have been making the mistake of installing digital signages at the wrong locations.

Always remember to put your digital signages right where your target audience is. If you are a retail shop that is targeting passer-by traffic, put your digital signages at the storefront. If you are focusing on internal communication within your organization, consider installing the digital signages at common areas such as the office lobby, rest areas, and corridors.

Besides, it is important to keep your digital signages at the eye level of your target audience. Placing too high or too low can cause an uncomfortable viewing experience. Engagement will be affected badly.

2. Bad Screen Readability

Easily readable content on the screen is the most fundamental factor in improving screen readability. Avoid using fancy font styles that are hard to read at a distance.

Besides, using contrasting colours can help to separate your main message from the content background. Your audience can focus on your main content more easily.

Avoid stuffing too many elements and messages on your screen content. This is extremely important especially when your target audience is constantly moving and has limited time to read.

In addition to putting effort into your content, screen readability can also be affected by other factors such as screen size, glare, ambient brightness, and viewing angle. Depending on the installation location, you might want to consider digital signages with anti-glare glasses and a higher screen brightness level.

Digital Signage Campaign

3. Ignoring Maintenance

Neglecting maintenance may lead to serious issues in the future. Issues such as black screen and a security breach can affect both campaign performance and brand trust badly.

While digital signage requires only minimal maintenance, a simple cleaning routine is still necessary for maintaining the operating condition of digital signage. Stubborn stains and dust on the screen can affect the viewing experience and thus decrease the campaign performance. Besides, dust and stains might damage the screen if left unattended for a long period.

Another important maintenance routine is to acquire or install any latest updates for both digital signage hardware and software. An updated digital signage system can help in enhancing performance with new features. It can also provide stronger security protection to protect your system against potential hacker threats.

A hacker threat can take over your devices and blackmail your organization by displaying inappropriate content across multiple locations within your digital signage network. While you can always pay hackers to unlock your devices, your brand reputation will be tarnished, and it could take months or years to recover. The damage is worse than losing money in your business.

4. Not Understanding Your Audience

If you cannot even understand who is your audience, how are you going to use your digital signages effectively?

Whether it is installation location, screen size or content, all of these need to be considered based on one simple question:

“Who is the target audience?”

Do some research if you do not know your audience. Find out what they want and like. Only then you can create a digital signage campaign that can communicate with them in the most effective way.

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5. Boring & Repetitive Content

When using digital signages in a campaign, the first thing a business needs to understand is that the outstanding performance of the campaign is the result of the content and the execution plan, NOT the digital signages.

It is true that these high-quality digital signages which are equipped with powerful features are capable of helping businesses in running their campaigns. However, in the end, digital signage is just a tool. The way of using the tool matters the most.

One of the most effective methods in using digital signage is to display the right content. The right content is more than a pretty visual design. It needs to be appropriate, effective, exciting, and readable.

Depending on your goals and target audience, you can always customize your content in any preferred way. You can also use a wide range of content formats such as videos, images, slideshows, graphics, and animations. Reach your audience with a highly personalized message to improve engagement effectively.

Another important thing to remember is that content is not a one-time thing. You need to keep updating with fresh content to draw people’s attention. Be creative and try to create interesting content that can build your brand identity better.

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6. Failing to Utilize The Full Capability

Most businesses have been thinking wrongly of digital signage. They have a wrong perception that using digital signage is no different than using a TV. When you do not understand what a digital signage is, you will never leverage the full potential of digital signage.

Digital signage can do a lot more than TV or any other display. Content delivery can be scheduled and automated. Besides, it can do even more when you are utilizing the Content Management System (CMS) in managing your content.

Many businesses are not using some of the available powerful features. For example, instead of publishing content from a single remote location, they choose to publish manually by plugging in USB drives. This can get tedious when you have many digital signages in multiple locations nationwide.  

In addition to using common content types such as promotional videos and product images, digital signages can be also used to display real-time information such as weather forecasts, traffic information and news.

When you are not fully utilizing digital signage, your money is not working for you effectively. It is like driving a Ferrari muscle car to deliver milk door to door.

When the cost is high, it will affect the return on investment of your digital signage campaign. In short, your campaign fails.

Digital Signage For Transportation Hub


There is no such thing as the best display or tool. Digital signage is a great display, but not every digital signage campaign is a success. In addition to improving the success rate by avoiding all the common mistakes above and laying out a plan, businesses can also seek professional assistance if needed.

Professional consultants or digital signage suppliers can help to implement an effective digital signage network in terms of hardware and software. On the other hand, creative agencies or professional designers can advise on how content design should be done.

Don’t get freaked out by other people’s failure stories. Digital signage is not useless. Not at all. As long as you have planned well ahead, you should always give yourself a chance to explore the endless possibilities that digital signage can bring to you.

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